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Energy World - January 2013

Energy World - January 2013 coverEditorial
Low carbon generation will replace, not add to, existing plant
Steve Hodgson

Using Scotland’s energy wealth wisely
Fergus Ewing

International news
Record penalty for Gulf oil spill; DC network puzzle solved; first island smart grid; 60% plant efficiency in 60 Hz network; EC proposes measures to rescue ETS; first concentrating solar power plant for North Africa

Home news
Energy Bill ‘will power low carbon economic growth’; another wind turbine factory planned for Scotland; fewer, simpler tariffs for energy consumers; UK takes lead in carbon markets; further tidal sites announced

EI News

Paving the way towards zero carbon
One way for industrial operators are to take significant steps towards decarbonising their energy use is to partner with a specialist third party organisation. Cofely has this year launched its Project CarbonZero service to do just that. Matt Dracup explains.

Future scenarios for natural gas supplies and prices
How will gas prices play out for industrial and commercial sector buyers? New supplies of unconventional gas in the US, and gas market consolidation in Europe will both have an effect, writes Jay Williamson.

Fixed or flexible energy supply contracts?
Flexible energy supply contracts are much advocated at the moment but they don’t suit every business. Here, Andrew Bowden picks a path between the certainty of fixed-rate approach and the dynamics of a longer-term flexible framework, concluding that, with a variety of attitudes to risk, there is no single right answer.

Demand response – it pays to be energy efficient
Demand response (DR) initiatives already help to balance electricity grids during times of network stress, and earn revenue for industry participants. Here, Yoav Zingher describes the diverse range of DR services available to businesses.

Reducing airport emissions on the ground
Reducing environmental impacts associated with aviation can take place on the ground as well as in the air. Here, Ellie Morley outlines the initiatives in place at Heathrow airport.

Europe’s businesses turn to on-site renewables
Energy used on industrial and commercial sites can be generated on-site, as these examples show, although micro-CHP is better suited to the domestic sector. MJ Deschamps and Alan Osborn in London; Lee Adendorff in Italy; Michael Kosmides in Athens; David Hayhurst in Paris; Andrew Kureth in Warsaw; and John Pagni in Helsinki report.

Energy efficiency – what do we need to scale it up?
This month, speakers at an EI conference in London will discuss the status of energy efficiency in the UK, the government’s new Energy Efficiency Strategy, and how the deployment of EE can be scaled-up. Steve Hodgson covers some background.

Mapping the way to energy efficient construction
Phil Stott details the Build Up Skills UK 2020 Roadmap, which will help identify skills needs that can be applied to Green Deal.

Green Deal training – work to do
Following the recent launch of the Green Deal, the issue of getting quality training provision and a competent workforce in place has come to the fore. Marc Height looks at some of the issues.

Delivering the right skills for Green Deal Advisors and Installers

There is a lot to do to get the Green Deal scheme off the ground, and the skills of those advising and delivering the retrofit work is paramount to the success of the scheme, as Philip Hargreaves explains.

Training and careers
National Grid’s High Voltage Learning Centre opens at Eakring; EI strengthens its energy management training programme; Moving from the military into energy; Delivering bespoke energy management training in your workplace; Smart metering academy and apprenticeships

The economic and environmental benefits of going electric
While some argue that electric vehicles are expensive, John Lowry takes the opposite view – that, over the long term, savings on oil-based fuels that are due to increase in price, along with the environmental benefits, make electric vehicles the transport option for the future.

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