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EI EGM 2017

EGM Notice  

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the EI (EGM) will be held at the Energy Institute, 61 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7AR, on Wednesday 27 September 2017 at 1.30pm to propose two motions requiring members’ approval to effect some changes to membership subscriptions that Council approved at its last meeting in July.

On the basis of the Professional Affairs Committee’s recommendations, and in accordance with feedback from young professionals, Council approved the replacement of the Graduate grade (GradEI) with Associate Member of the EI (AMEI), to cater for all those who have completed their studies, are gaining professional experience and are intending to work towards professional qualifications. Previously, these members had been divided between the Graduate and Affiliate grades of membership. The introduction of the new grade allows the EI to develop a unified approach and a range of new services and support for younger professionals. To put the new membership grade into effect a tiered subscription rate was approved to reflect the difference between new graduates and those with more career experience. The intention is that this new rate

  • will apply with immediate effect for new joiners with more than 5 years post graduate experience, but 
  • will not be introduced for existing members until 2019, to enable time to offer support to those who have more experience but have not yet achieved professional membership. 

It is anticipated that many of those who have in the past joined as Affiliates will now join as Associate Members to gain enhanced status and support with their professional careers, and that some current Affiliates may wish to transfer to the new Associate Member grade. For this reason, Council recommends that the higher tier rate for Associate should be set at the same price as the Affiliate rate for 2018 to enable members to choose the type of membership which suits them best.

The second subscription rate change proposed at the EGM is for Student membership. For those who do not attend an EI-accredited institution this has been available for a one-off fee of £21 for the duration of their course. This rate has not changed for more than a decade so Council seeks the agreement of members that this be increased to £25 with immediate effect.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss these proposals please do so by contacting  

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