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Election of Council members 2016

Please make your vote count

Eligible members* can now use their vote to determine who will join the Energy Institute (EI)’s governing body (the Council).  There are two vacancies on Council for elected members; the following members have been nominated to stand for election for a three year term. Each voting member may complete one ballot only (either online or a paper copy).

*Eligible members are all individual fully-paid members in grades other than Student or Affiliate membership

Details of the nominees are listed below in alphabetical order.  Each candidate has provided a statement in their own words to support their nomination.  Please vote for up to two candidates, and rank them in order of preference (1st and 2nd) by 25 June 2016 via our online voting system

Edward Allbless FEI, Solicitor Of Counsel, CMS Cameron McKenna, Oman 
Nominator:  Eur Ing Clive Walter CEnv CEng FEI
Supporters:  Munir Hassan MEI, Bob Palmer MEI, Denis Pinto MEI, Rakesh Raj CEng MEI Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Paul Spice MEI

I have worked in or with the global energy industry since the mid-1980s, at first in a technical capacity, in technical training and, after qualifying, as a practising solicitor.  I am a corporate and commercial lawyer, qualified in England, whose special focus since 1995 has been the global energy sector. My energy practice has covered a range of jurisdictions, including the Asia Pacific, and Australasian regions; the UK and Western Europe; and the Middle East. During my 27 years’ practice experience, I have focused on crude oil, natural gas, LNG and the power generation sectors. I am an upstream energy lawyer, and I have worked with most of the leaders in the energy sector – whether as external legal counsel (for example, acting for industry leaders such as OXY, Total, BP and Premier Oil) or as in-house legal counsel (variously for Shell – I was Deputy Head of Legal for an affiliate in Oman; Qatargas – I was the company’s Senior Lawyer; and Oman Oil – I was their Head of Legal). This has provided me with an intimate insider’s knowledge of the workings of an operator/developer in the oil and gas industry. 

During my time in private Solicitor’s practice, I have also had the opportunity to work on a number of power generation projects, covering coal powered, gas fired (including CCGT), hydroelectric and wind powered plants – as senior legal counsel I have led power generation and transmission transactions in countries as diverse as Indonesia, Thailand, Qatar, Oman and the UK. My recent experience as in-house legal counsel for the oil and gas majors has covered a broad field of responsibilities including acting as Board Secretary for a major oil and gas operator. I also played a key role in structuring the company’s compliance and corporate governance regulations and systems. I have extensive experience in the acquisition and divestment of businesses and assets overseas and in the UK.

I have routinely advised the company’s Directorates on corporate matters of governance and compliance, and a range of contractual issues. I have advised the company with regard to operational, HSSE, and employee matters. I have regularly been required to prepare internal regulations and bye-laws. I have reviewed the EI’s Governance Manual. I believe my corporate, contractual, governance and regulatory experience for the global energy industry, will make me a very useful member of the EI Council.

Mark Cowan CEng MEI, Location Director and Principal Consultant, Safety and Risk, Advisian Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 
Nominator:  R.C.T. (Charles) Dunn MEI
Supporters:  Melvyn Rook CEng FEI, Miguel Rosato CEng MEI, Dr C.B. Saw, Dennis FEI, M. Suppiah CEng FEI, Thierry K.H. Wee CEng MEI

Mark Cowan is a Chartered Engineer. Mark is also an EI Tripod Beta Registered Practitioner and Certified Trainer. Besides being a Member of the EI, he is also a Member of the SPE and an Associate Member of the IChemE. Mark has highly developed project and team management skills resulting from key roles on a large number of complex and diverse projects for both upstream and downstream oil and gas (exploration, development and production), chemical, marine and defence industries.  He has vast experience on significant major projects for clients such as for BP and Shell as well as independents such as Murphy Oil. His experience ranges from engineering studies, HAZID, HAZOP and SIL studies, qualitative and quantitative risk analyses, Safety/HSE case development, safety critical element specification and development. He has specialist training in Human Factors and has led a number of reviews for both greenfield and brownfield offshore installations.

Mark has also been an active member of the SPE. He has led a number of SPE workshops on subjects such as Management of Major Hazards through IADC Compliant Drilling HSE Cases, Human Factors in Engineering and Tripod Beta Investigation Techniques.

Jeremy Cresswell MEI, Editor of the Energy Supplement at the Press and Journal and Visiting Professor of Aberdeen Business School, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Nominator:  Colin Black MEI
Supporters:  Victoria Aston GradEI, Ian Gordon FEI, Alan Higgins FEI, Alex Kemp MEI, Laurie Mackay FEI

I have been a globe-trotting energy journalist and analyst for more than 25 years and is best known as the editor of the Energy supplement at the Press and Journal, which I joined in November 1989. Prior to that my background is in maritime affairs, maritime safety and fisheries development. Formal qualifications include an MBA from Aberdeen Business School – The Robert Gordon University. Aside from my primary role as an upstream energy journalist, I have co-authored a significant number of upstream oil and gas reports and publications and am the author of four energy-related books the most recent of which is ABZ and Big Oil and which marks 50 years of Aberdeen’s upstream oil and gas chapter to date.

I am also a former associate of the energy economists Mackay Consultants (10 years). I founded the award-winning private-public partnership Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) in 2003 at the request of Aberdeen City Council and chaired it until 2014. I am also a past director of the fully consented European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre project partnered between AREG and Vattenfall, and the “father” of the All-Energy Conference & Exhibition event. I am also a director of the STEM charity TechFest, which engages heavily with school-age students across Scotland. I am a Visiting Professor of Aberdeen Business School – The Robert Gordon University; a past Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Geoscience – Aberdeen University; and a Burgess of Guild the City of Aberdeen. I am also the recipient of the Personal Achievement Award at the Scottish Green Energy Awards (2010).

I have been a member of the EI for more than 20 years. I am serving my second significant term on the committee of the EI Aberdeen, Highlands and Islands branch having been asked to become involved again about two years ago. Mine is an unusual mix of experiences, reinforced by a powerful knowledge of not just global upstream oil and gas but the wider world of energy too … not least new generation renewables. Add to that a deep involvement in serving the energy community in the wider sense through long involvement with the EI and energy education at primary school through universities, colleges and apprenticeship levels, and my belief is that I am well equipped to serve the EI more extensively through its Council.

Eric F. Curd CEng MEI, active committee member of the EI North Western and North Wales branch 
Nominator:  Peter Batty CEng FEI
Supporters:  Rajnish K. Calay MEI, David G. Connell MEI, J. Kay CEng FEI, Jonathan Francis MEI, M.R. Worthington CEng MEI

My first introduction to the then Institute of Fuel was in the mid-1950s at the branch technical lectures, followed by energy courses at Liverpool and the Polytechnic of the South Bank in the mid-1960s. My interests are wide with involvement in EI work, energy education and legal cases.  I completed an apprenticeship in Plant Engineering, followed by National Service in the RAF. I have been a Design Engineer at UKAEA and Staff Engineer at BOAC. I am an active member of National Award Schemes for Young Engineers, and have been a past Committee Member office manager, PR manager of Merseyside and North Wales Engineering Council, and the Past Chair of the North Western Section of the International Solar Energy Society. 

The above was over a period of 21 years.  This was followed by 30 years in Higher Education, retiring December 1997 as University  Reader.  Since retiring, I have been involved in the EI, education, consultancy, publications, and legal and international standards.  

Professor John I Currie CEng FEI, Director, Scottish Energy Centre, Edinburgh Napier University 
Nominator:  Allan Mackie HonFEI
Supporters:  Fred Dinning FEI, Paul Hindle CEng MEI, Mark Hobbins MEI, Dr Gillian Menzies MEI, John Watson CEng MEI

John is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in teaching, research and practice. He is currently Director of the Scottish Energy Centre at Edinburgh Napier University and has been involved with the EI since accrediting the very first Energy Engineering degree programme in the UK from the same institution back in 1985.

John retains strong professional links with the EI; having been elected as Chairman of the Scottish Branch, first in 1998 and then again in 2008, presently Chair of the EI Accreditation Panel and sits as a member of the Engineering Council - Engineering Accreditation Board. Outside the EI he is Co-Chairman of Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group and is a founder and Board Member of Retrofit Scotland. He recently received an Award of Council in recognition of his work for the EI and seeks to bring his international knowledge and standing, coupled with recognised professional experience and vision to the role of elected member and work with others in order to uphold the objects and governance and help shape the EI’s future.

Dr Boma Douglas MSc CEng MEI, Managing Director – Operations, W.S, Atkins, Oxford 
Nominator:  Philip M. Johnson CEng FEI
Supporters:  Dr M. Booth CEng FEI, Humphrey Douglas MEI, Oliver Griffiths MEI, Chris Jones FEI, David Russell MEI

I am a Chartered Engineer with a PhD in Environmental Engineering with over fifteen years of commercial energy efficiency experience. I am presently Chair of the EI London and Home Counties branch.  I was the Membership and Education Advisor of the branch with the task of arranging professional membership Interviews.  I have been on the Membership Panel for the past six years where the skills and qualifications of candidates are screened to ensure the requirements of the Engineering Council is met. I am presently a Follow-up Assessor on the Panel. During my time as the Membership and Education Advisor I gave talks in postgraduate groups all around UK universities to encourage students in advancing their career within the energy sector.

My aim of seeking election as a member of the EI Council is to draw from my experience of direct communication with members to update the standard of organisation.  I wish to bring on board an improvement of the standard of available mentorship for young engineers.  I intend to raise the profile of the EI internationally through my engineering contacts and increase the membership across the world. I wish to publicise the work of the EI as a professional organisation with equal authority from the Privy Council as other engineering institutions. 

Kevin E Durham IEng MEI, Chief Executive, Atom Consultancy, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago 
Nominator:  Professor Richard Dawe CEng FEI
Supporters:  Eng Jeffery Boodoo MEI, Oral Gomez MEI, Dr Raffie Hosein CEng MEI Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Professor Andrew Jupiter FEI, Jasmine Medina MEI

I am currently Chairman (Elect) of the EI’s Caribbean branch. I have negotiated for booths at two conferences in 2016; the Energy Conference and Society of Petroleum Engineers TT successful energy conference. The Falkland Islands are now affiliated with the Caribbean branch after discussions with a member of the Legislative Council. We have networked with EI members in TT and the wider oil and gas industry and energy Ministry to host the inaugural AGM and launch of EI Caribbean. We also negotiated with Petrotrin to host the launch. I lead on interfacing with multinational oil and gas companies BGTT now Shell and BPTT (President), Tucker Energy Group in promoting professional membership with the EI and I have held discussions with the Chairman of the SPETT to partner in developing the YPN in TT. I am also in regular contact with EI colleagues based overseas, Peru, West Africa and regionally.

I am providing support to existing members and our established Learning Affiliates viz the University of Trinidad and Tobago, The University of the West Indies, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and Kenson School of Production Technology. I am also an Accreditation Team Member (Industry Expert) for two accreditation visits to the UWI, UTT and Kenson School of Production Technology and a professional interviewer for CEng candidates.

I am a diversified technical and senior management professional. On a full time basis I provide technical support to the drilling and workover department at the state NOC. I am currently developing a Full Technical Training Series for the Rig Crews (Supervisor to Floorman), Inspecting Rigs with the Energy Ministry and Developing Industry Standard, Standard Operating Procedures for the Drilling and Workover Department at the state NOC. I have expertise as a Change Agent and in start-up operations. I was involved in five successful start ups in the past seven years including the development of the region’s first open access Drilling Academy. Developed the entire Drilling Trades Curriculum, commissioned and upgraded the training drilling rig, drove the commercial operations at the Academy to the point where I was able to attract international business and had the cash flow net positive after the first year’s operations (originally a 3-5 year strategic goal), worked with the Ministry of Energy to regulate the high-risk drilling trades profession and was Chairman of the Academy’s Technical Advisory Committee.

Effiom Edet CEng FEI Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Council Member of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) as the Chairman of the Power Sector Group 
Nominator:  Osten Olorunsola FEI
Supporters:  Dr Adenike Ibilola Amao FEI, Dorothy Bassey MEI, Christopher Nwokolo CEng MEI Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Engr Chinedu Ogwus CEng MEI IntPE (UK) Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Anthony Babatunde Osho MEI

A Fellow and a Chartered Petroleum Engineer of the EI. He is a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council UK. As the Founding Chairman of the EI Nigeria branch, he collaborated with the UKTI to inaugurate the branch in Nigeria. He initiated the EI Nigeria branch Annual Producers Forum to promote energy industry capacity development for indigenous oil and gas producers in Nigeria. He serves on the EI Professional Membership Committee and participates in interview panels of new professional members into the energy industry. He is a Board member of EI Nigeria Limited. 

He was the Africa Region Student Affairs and Career Guidance Officer of the SPEI from 2003 to 2010. During his tenure, the Africa Region Annual Student Conference was established. He was also served in the SPEI Public Energy Education Committee and the IT Sub Committee of the SPEI. He is a Recipient of SPEI Regional Service Award and a Century (Life)/25yrs Club Member in Energy Education, Edinburgh, Scotland. He is an energy industry professional with over 37yrs cognate experience in regulatory and operating activities of the industry. He currently conducts his business affairs in the UK and Nigeria where is a Council Member of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and industry (LCCI) as the Chairman Power Sector Group.

Michael (Mike) Hancock FEI, Director, Dee Associates (Business Consultants), Cheshire, and Lead Assessor - Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), UK 
Nominator:  Neil Peacock FEI
Supporters:  Sarah Beacock FEI, Chris Holdsworth FEI, Glyn Mountford MEI, George Norrie MEI, Les Richards MEI

I am an experienced energy consultant and have been an active member of the EI since joining. I have participated on the Energy Management Panel, helped with assessing applications to join RPEC and presented at the regional launch of the EI’s work on the ESOS scheme. I have a wide energy-related professional experience gained with suppliers (e.g. Shell and E.on) and consumers involved in industrial processes, buildings and transport. I have a good appreciation of the technical and economic performance and prospects of all of the main technologies and am well-placed to offer practical advice to the EI Council. I have observed the evolution of regulation and have been able to gather feedback on its effectiveness from a broad spectrum of UK users. I believe I can make an effective contribution to the development of EI policies and strategies, particularly in relation to influencing and informing Government energy policies.

I believe the EI has a great opportunity to expand its membership, activities and influence and secure its world-leading position as custodian of expertise in the energy field. I greatly support the efforts of the EI in extending tangible benefits to members through training and new structures such as RPEC, and in building on the role of the EI as an important force for good for the wider global community.

George Hobbs FEI, runs an international consulting group and is based in Australia 
Nominator:  Stuart S. Moody FEI
Supporters:  Modesty Ekeh CEng MEI Chartered Petroleum Engineer, George Galloway MEI, Roy Hartley FEI, Brian Moffatt MEI, Eur Ing Prof Colin Roberts FEI

George Hobbs has been involved in drilling and production chemistry, corrosion and microbiology in oil and gas, shale, coal seam methane and geothermal in many areas of the world over the past 40 years. He currently runs an international consulting group in the energy industry. He also provides market and merger and acquisition advice to global chemical service companies. Previously Regional Managing Director for the Nalco-Exxon Energy Chemicals JV, he maintains an extensive international network with senior oil company executives.

Has experience as a council member of the National Trust of South Australia as well as being on committees of Royal Justices Association, Australasian Corrosion Association and in several SPE and NACE groups. Due to extensive business knowledge, he is on the Audit, Finance and Governance committee of the National Trust. He is used to working in the international energy arena and visits London frequently on business. Extensive use of IT (eg videoconferences, teleconferences, webinars, email, blogs, skype etc) to maintain contact and information flow between consultants, employees and clients. Some legal knowledge gained as a Justice of the Peace and in many years of contractual development and negotiations.

Would like to help enhance the EI presence in Asia-Pacific.

Chris Holdsworth FEI, Managing Director, The Utility Forum, Lancashire
Nominator:  Prof Martin Fry FEI
Supporters:  S. Alan Asbury MEI Chartered Energy Manager, R.C.M. Chapman MEI, Andrew Cooper MEI, Michael Hancock FEI, Nick Howard MEI

For the past 27 years I have developed and run my own business which is an energy management consultancy, helping business to become more efficient in the use and purchase of energy and water (I completed 30 ESOS Lead Assessor assessments and over 300 Carbon Trust audits in its heyday). Because of this I have developed strong, independent links with most of the energy suppliers and many suppliers of technology. Also because of this, I have had to develop good HR/organisational skills. Earlier, I had worked for British Aerospace with whom I obtained a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, spending much of my time working on the commercial side of the business in France and Germany. I then moved to the Manufacturing Division of Initial PLC, ending up as World Wide Sales Director, planning campaigns and working in many other countries.

I have always had a passion for making better use of the earth’s resources, they are going to run out one day, so I started my business to make my own contribution. I became a Fellow of the EI in 2002 and have progressively in recent years “joined in”. I now contribute by being a member of the Energy Management Panel, the RPEC Panel and the EI College having contributed to the Barometer report. I am a Peer Reviewer of content for the Level 2 Energy Management Course – Carbon Management Plans module and a trained professional membership interviewer and mentor.

Professor Tassos G. Karayiannis CEng FEI, Professor of Thermal Engineering and Vice Dean (Education), Brunel University London, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
Nominator:  Wolf-Gerrit Fruh MEI
Supporters:  Peter Kew FEI, Maria Kolokotroni MEI, Dr Christos Markides MEI, Professor Saffa Riffat CEng FEI, Eur Ing Dr Ahmed F. Zobaa CEng FEI Chartered Energy Engineer

Tassos Karayiannis obtained a BSc in 1981 from City University London and a PhD in 1986 from The University of Western Ontario (Western). He started his career as a researcher at Southampton University and a British Technology Group Researcher at City University. Later, at London South Bank University, he established and led the Division of Environmental and Energy Engineering and, following that, the multidisciplinary Department of Engineering Systems (Mechanical, Civil, Energy and Building Services Engineering). He joined Brunel University London in 2005 where he is now the Vice-Dean Education of the College of Engineering Design and Physical Sciences. The College has approximately 5,500 students. Professor Karayiannis is an expert in thermal engineering and has carried out research in single and two-phase heat transfer, heat transfer enhancement, renewable energy, novel techniques in hydrogen generation, water desalination and purification and efficient thermal systems. His research has been funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Innovate UK and Industry. He has published more than 230 papers, chapters in books and industrial reports in the above areas. 

Professor Karayiannis served as a member of the Accreditation Panel of the EI, Chair of the Governing Council of an overseas HE Institution and Chair or member of numerous accreditation/quality assessment visits in the UK and abroad. He has served in the past, and continues currently, as external examiner of post-graduate courses in energy-related areas in UK universities, accredited by the EI. He has also participated in research evaluation committees for the EU and is a member of the EPSRC College of Reviewers. He is a Fellow of the EI and the IMechE and a member of CIBSE and the InstR, as well as the UK Heat Transfer Committee.

Based on the experience summarised above, Professor Karayiannis will be able to support the EI develop further its educational and research contribution and involvement with HE institutions, both in the UK and abroad, and our relevant industries.

Bob Laslett CEng FEI, NED of Driver Group and Silverbug, Director of Laslett & Co, UK
Nominator:  M.J. (Mike) Payne FEI
Supporters:  Mark Anju MEI, Paul Hodges MEI, Chris Moorhouse FEI, Surinder Rai CEng FIChemE FEI, Adrian Watson FEI

An entrepreneurial businessman with a wealth of experience from across the energy sector, unique expertise in the successful management of complex projects, inspirational leadership qualities and unparalleled relationship management capability.

Bob Laslett was Chief Executive of global business consultancy Chaucer Group until February 2014 when he sold his ownership and handed over control through a MBO to his sons and the top management. Bob founded Chaucer Group in 1987. For almost four decades, Chaucer has provided comprehensive business consultancy to companies and organisations in the energy sector successfully delivering a wide range of projects and helping some of the world’s leading oil, gas and energy generation corporations to take their businesses forward. As CEO of Chaucer, Bob helped promote, develop and refine key project management methodologies and project control processes that are now recognised as industry standards, thereby facilitating best practice within the sector. Through Chaucer, Bob also actively encouraged the introduction of relevant best practice business processes to the energy sector from other industry sectors.

Bob was also founder of international project management consultancy Onstream Projects in 1977 and was its Managing Director until 1985; Onstream was acquired by Single Buoy Moorings (SBM) in 1984. Bob, an expert in project management has worked or acted as a consultant for companies such as BP, Shell, Conoco, Protech International, Burmah Oil and Marathon Oil. He trained as an engineer and has been concerned with all aspects of oil and gas projects both on and offshore for over 40 years. He started in the UK North Sea in 1972 and has been an intrinsic part of the evolution of the offshore oil and gas industry in the UK and elsewhere. His status within the industry is recognised as he is often called upon as an expert witness for disputes and litigation cases for major projects. In addition to his major project experience, Bob has also been involved with many oil industry merger and acquisition programs including the acquisition of Veba Oel by BP and the formation of TNK-BP in Russia.

Bob has also been involved in many renewable energy generation projects from conception to reality.  He has many years experience in a wide range of projects in the UK and Europe, North and South America, Russia and CIS, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Dr Simon O'Leary MBA CSci CEng FEI, Editor, Regent’s Working Papers in Business and Management and Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Business & Management, Regent's University London 
Nominator:  Dr Stuart MacGregor CEng MEI
Supporters:  Dr Elias Boukrami MEI, Brian King CEng MEI CEng, Dr Gordon Lowry CEng FEI, Renate Powell CEng MEI, Anne Stevenson MEI

As a Council Member for the EI, I believe that I will be able to contribute my experiences from both industry and academia. My career of over three decades is balanced between the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry and academia. Using my degrees, BSc Hons and PhD, in fuel science and energy efficiency from the Universities of Leeds and Manchester, I have worked across the businesses at British Gas, Esso and Burmah Castrol in international management roles in research and development, production, marketing, sales, business development and strategy, while being sponsored to complete a MBA at the Cranfield School of Management along the way. In addition, I have had several roles as a university guest lecturer and have spent the last decade as an academic lecturer and researcher at the University of Kent and at Regent's University London, where I was a leading member of our award-winning team for setting up a new MSc in Oil and Gas Trade Management. As a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, I am already a member of the EI Academic Approvals Panel and regularly visit higher education institutions in the UK along with my EI colleagues to assess energy programmes.

I believe that this wealth of experience and expertise enables me to see the perspectives of a full cross-section of the EI membership as well as providing the breadth of view required to fully appreciate the complexities, opportunities and challenges within the energy sector. I hope that you agree for me to join the EI Council so that I can make those contributions to help establish the future direction of the EI for the coming years.

Denis Pinto MEI, Industry Board Member, School of Engineering, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and Managing Director, Caledonian Flow Systems, Aberdeen 
Nominator:  Gopal Srinivasan FEI
Supporters:  Edward Albless FEI, David Buchan MEI, Peter Gill FEI, George Kidd MEI, Prof Babs Oyeneyin MEI

When the EI was formed from the merger of two leading institutes, I started to promote energy instead of just oil and gas to EI members and guests. I am passionately involved with energising and developing the careers of the next and future generations of energy professionals. Hence, I have been instrumental in developing the EI Young Professional Network which now operates in Aberdeen, London and Nigeria.

As a Council member and a member of the EI College, I could make a useful contribution in influencing EI’s climate change activities. I am no stranger to the EI.  I have served as Chairman of the EI Aberdeen, Highlands and Islands branch for over six years and then stood down only to help develop the EI Young Professionals Network (YPN). In this role, I needed to be both a team player and coach to get things done. My main priority has always been to deliver successful programmes of evening meetings as borne out in practice by high attendances, participation of acknowledged experts, and coverage of wide-ranging subjects of topical interest.  I ran these events at three levels, for the mature members, young professionals and University students. I also took the meeting to other parts of the branch such as Inverness, Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. Following this branch activity, I consider it an honour and privilege that the EI presented me with an Award of Council in June 2013. I am still an actively serving member of the Aberdeen and Middle East branches and act as mentor to the EI YPN in Aberdeen.

If elected to Council I would work with branch committees to raise the level of local activity in areas where support is sparse and spasmodic. It is essential to have widespread “grass-roots” participation to ensure EI’s on-going strength and professionalism. I will strive to achieve this. I would also like to see the EI working more closely with its student members in Universities and providing careers advice to schools. I have a good understanding of technical and policy issues as the EI develops meaningful and relevant activities whilst maintaining its reputation for high level professionalism and independence. I could help with EI’s expansion in other countries.

Mike Richardson CEng MEI, Head of Wells Function, Centrica E&P, Aberdeen
Nominator:  Nigel Bradburn FEI
Supporters:  Gerardo Arteaga MEI, Patrick Coll MEI, Colin Deddis MEI, Ryan Morison MEI, Graeme Rae FEI

I have been in the upstream energy business for more than thirty years and in that time worked for oil companies, service companies, drilling contractors and consultancies.  I have been fortunate enough to work in many regions of the world on interesting and varied projects and with the diverse range of cultures that contribute to our industry. My early years were predominantly at the well-site involved at the sharp end of drilling and well operations, both on and offshore.  Later, I moved into a well engineering planning and design role before progressing to people and project management.  Now I work in the Technical Function where my role is predominantly assurance, standards, performance and competence.

My particular characteristics are as a generalist who has the capability to bring different and sometimes ‘siloed’ discipline groups together to deliver a better result. I aim to be creative and help people think beyond their normal limits.  I enjoy coaching younger engineers and have found the process of interviewing candidates for EI membership and chartered status rewarding. I have worked extensively with Oil & Gas UK in a voluntary capacity as work group Co-Lead to produce integrity and other guidelines for the industry.  This has required me to represent Oil and Gas UK at industry conferences. I am a member of the EI and CEng, living in Aberdeen.  My main work areas are currently UK, Netherlands, Norway and Canada.

Professor Ir Dr Abd Halim Shamsuddin CEng FEI, Director, Centre for Renewable Energy (CRE), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Malaysia 
Nominator:  Dr Wan Asma Ibrahim CSci FEI
Supporters:  M.D. Asadullah CEng FEI, Zulkafli Hassan CEng FEI, Dr Hazlina Husin CEng FEI, Mohamad Zaid Bin Mohamad Ali CEng MEI, Professor Dr Lam Wei Haur CEng CSci MEI Chartered Energy Engineer

I graduated with BSc Hons in Fuel and Energy Engineering in 1979 and PhD in Combustion in 1983, both from the University of Leeds. I started my career in higher education and research at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1983-2007), was the Dean Faculty of Engineering (1994-2000) and the Head of Innovation Centre (2004-2007), before joining Universiti Tenaga Nasional 2008 as the Founding Director of Centre for Renewable Energy. I am recognized in the area of fuel and energy, as well as renewable energy with expertise including combustion, fuel and energy, waste-to-energy sciences and technologies, biomass and biofuels. During the thirty year span of career, I was involved in assignment with various ministries, agencies, professional and private sectors relating to energy, waste-to-energy, environment and climate change, and higher education and research.

I was the Founding Chairman of EI Malaysia (2010-2015), an international branch of the EI. I have been a member of EI since the early 1980’s while studying at the University of Leeds. Since its inception in 2010, EI Malaysia is now gaining momentum, especially with interests from Institutions of Higher Learnings in the EI and the benefits on offer to nurture future professionals and leaders in the energy sector in Malaysia. The presence of a Council Member of the EI in Malaysia would certainly boost the already energetic members in promoting the EI in the country, as well as in the ASEAN Region.

I have been a Registered Professional Engineer since 1991, a Chartered Engineer since 1999 and I am a Fellow of the EI, the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, the Institution of Engineers Malaysia and the International Energy Foundation.

Dr Brian Sweeney FEI, Chairman, Sagetech Medical Equipment and Partner in Braintree Healthcare, London
Nominator:  Dr Bernie Bulkin FEI
Supporters:  Michael Gibbons CBE FEI, Brian Lavers, Joan MacNaughton CB HonFEI, Jim Roberts, Dr Luke Warren FEI

Downstream Oil in Shell gave me, as a raw post-doc engineer, an intensive course in international management and deep immersion in commercial realities. I worked in Canada, Hong Kong, the Philippines and the Netherlands as well as in the UK. Energy economics became second nature, as did good operating disciplines. I learned the imperatives of safety, profitability, and protecting the environment, and that they must be the same wherever you operate. Strong strategic alliances were my aim in Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group where I learned about equipment for electricity production. In manufacturing the best technology is key to competitiveness. To achieve that, the complexities of multi-country co-operation must be balanced against the cost of solus development. As a consultant, now, my focus is on reducing carbon emissions, particularly decarbonising power, cement, and transport. Bringing 21st century technologies to bear on reducing emissions from energy usage at the least possible cost is the modern imperative. I managed the European end of a successful Calix Limited (Australia) bid to build a €12million H2020 demonstration of low emissions cement manufacture.

The EI has a key role to play in developing energy professionals for 21st century challenges. My experience is in international and external affairs and in developing new technologies.  I am keen to contribute my experience to help achieve the aims of the EI.

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