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Benevolent Fund

The Energy Institute (EI)'s Benevolent Fund exists to provide a range of assistance to those in need. If you are an EI member, former member or a dependent, the Fund may be able to help you. The Fund is made available following generous donations from EI members to support people in times of hardship and financial difficulty to relieve poverty, improve quality of life and encourage personal development through educational support. Email to request advice and guidance about your eligibility and how to make an application.

Here are some messages of thanks from those helped by the Fund.

Mr. A suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy and had a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. He already had a standard type of oxygen concentrator, but this was too heavy to be easily taken away from home, so the Fund paid for the purchase of a portable unit:

"The unit enables me to visit friends and relatives, without worrying about heavy oxygen cylinders. Its battery and mains operations give me both security and mobility. I am very grateful for the money to purchase this equipment which is a major medical benefit"

Mr. M was unemployed when he was over-whelmed by a heart condition. The Fund has helped with basic advice, together with the purchase of the replacement of essential domestic equipment, and paid for a retraining course:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Benevolent Fund for all the help they gave me when I was taken ill suddenly. The situation was quite desperate when my wife wrote to the EI on my behalf. She didn't even expect to get a reply, but you stepped in, easing the problems with practical advice and support. Not just then, but even when I was recovering after my triple heart bypass, you still continued to contact us, and even helped me get back to work. It was so much appreciated, and even now 6 yrs later you still take an interest in what I am doing. Thank you."

Mrs. A was widowed and obliged to work part-time to supplement her income at a time when most people are thinking of retirement:

"The assistance from the Benevolent Fund has helped me remain in my home and given me the chance to do what I wanted - to go and see my daughter."

Mr. W has suffered from continuous bad health since his divorce. Apart from help with essential purchases the Fund has focused on keeping him mobile:

"I had recently recovered from a nervous breakdown when I approached the EI for help. I received a phone call asking a few questions and filled in a form, and a couple of weeks later I received a cheque in the post , which not only cleared my overdraft but enabled me to have the first holiday for many years. A couple of times in the last few years I have had financial problems, incurred through ill health related unemployment. On both occasions the EI, without question, helped me through that particular bad patch. I am so grateful to the management committee for help in these hard times."

Mr C wanted to improve his personal and professional development as a presenting author and participant at an international technical conference:

"The sustainable energy technologies (SET) conference 2007 in South America was an amazing experience for me. At the conference I gained both technical and personal knowledge that I would not have, had I not attended. My paper was also well received. On a personal level I was introduced to how different cultures approach to problems and the roles of professionals in project teams. Also by travelling to and attending the conference on my own I feel far more confident to face similarly challenging situations in the future. I would like to thank the EI Benevolent Fund for the support it gave me to aid my professional and personal development."


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