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Access expertise

The Energy Institute (EI) is a source of energy expertise, from scientific technical work to consultancy services and individual research.

Technical programme
The EI undertakes a focused technical work programme that comprises original independent research and investigations, technical responses to legislation and regulation, workshops and seminars, to provide the international industry with information and guidance on relevant technical issues.

Technical publications
The EI provides a significant range of technical publications, safety codes and industry standards, guidance notes, research reports, magazines and conference proceedings. These publications represent widely accepted good industry practice and science. This includes all IP titles as well as a range of EI partnership publications.

Consultant directories
The EI provides access to two searchable consultant databases:

  • The Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC) is a is a free-to-access source of qualified and experienced consultants who all work in one or more aspects of energy demand and efficiency providing high-quality, reliable advice on saving energy and cutting bills. All consultants are highly qualified, usually to Chartered status or equivalent. They are all professionally recognised by their peers and have gone through an assessment process to join the Register. They have extensive training, knowledge and hands-on experience to tackle a variety of complex requirements for your business.
  • The EI Member Consultants database provides details of EI Members with a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the energy industries ranging from oil exploration, refining, service stations and oil analysis to renewable energy and carbon management training.

Information services
The EI offers services such as:

  • answers to quick queries as well as more extensive desk research
  • open access database and statistical searches
  • EI Member-only statistics service
  • useful links to other organisations

Breakfast briefings and evening lectures
The EI offers a series of early morning and evening discussions delivered by experts in their field on a diverse range of topics from throughout the energy industry and supplemented by question and answer sessions.