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EI Middle East

Welcome to EI Middle East

To reflect the importance of the energy sector in the Middle East, the EI has established EI Middle East, based in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, to provide members in the region with a local hub of activity around events and meetings, as well as access to all the benefits of EI membership.

To support an active branch we have an office in Dubai Knowledge Village, please contact any of the committee if you would like to have an active role in the branch whether you live in the region or regularly visit.  An active committee of several members is now established and you can find out more about their acitvities including meetings and events on these pages.

Aims and objectives of EI Middle East

  • to foster good relations and opportunities for networking and the sharing of information between members of the branch;
  • to grow the membership of the EI at every level from professional grades to pre-professional grades including Affiliates and those who are studying energy-related programmes;
  • to raise standards of practice and performance through competence based assessments that lead to professional qualifications;
  • to grow company and technical company membership of the EI;
  • to develop projects of interest in order to grow the membership ie events and training in energy-related subjects/issues;
  • to grow the membership of the EI by developing 'sub-branches' in geographical locations in the Middle East; the committee will meet in Dubai/Abu Dhabi but membership growth will be supported in 'satellite' areas such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman etc;
  • to raise the profile of the EI in the Middle East and its activities/resources such as International Petroleum Week, Petroleum Review, Energy World, the EI Knowledge Service and technical publications; and
  • to work with local universities and educational bodies to support the next generation of energy professionals in the Middle East.