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CPD requirements

Because making sure you are on top of what you do - and having the right skills and knowledge to perform effectively  - is so fundamental to being a professional, the Energy Institute’s Code of Conduct requires all members to make a commitment to Continuing Professional Development, and to help others in their development.

As a member you should be  

  • maintaining your CPD in a range of areas  – that is, all your CPD shouldnt be all concentrated on one topic
  • maintaining a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of your CPD activities;
  • undertaking a mixture of learning activities which
    • are relevant to your current or future practice
    • benefits the quality of your practice 
    • benefits the users of your work (employees, clients, the public etc.)
  • adopting a reflective approach to your development.

 Members who hold a professional registration

If you hold qualifications or statuses awarded by the EI under licences from the Engineering Council, Science Council or Society for the Environment - for example IEng, CEng, CSci or CEnv - you also need to abide by these bodies’ regulations for conduct and CPD, so it is important that you keep up to date. 

Engineering Registrants (EngTech, IEng and CEng) 

The Engineering Council has a CPD Code for Registrants which must be followed by all who hold the EngTech, IEng or CEng titles. It has also announced that from January 2019, it will be mandatory for professionally registered engineers and technicians to submit their CPD record to their institution when requested as part of a sample. For more information about the Engineering Council's requirements, and for general guidance from the Engineering Council on CPD, see

Chartered Scientists

The Science Council sets specific regulations for Chartered Scientists, who are required to annually reconfirm their compliance with Science Council requirements in respect of CPD as a condition of their chartered status. They must also submit CPD records on request as part of an annual exercise; records submitted must meet Science Council guidelines. Click here for further information.

 Chartered Environmentalists

Click here for further information about the Soceity for the Environments competences and Code of Conduct, including in respect of CPD.