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Recording your CPD

If you are a professional member, you should be keeping full records of your CPD as part of your regular routne. The EI does not stipulate the minimum number of hours' CPD you need to undertake.  Instead, we encourage members to focus on their value of their learning activities in relation to their professional development needs. 

The EI provides a range of tools to help you record your professional development and think about your learning. 

  • MyCareerPath is the EI's free to use online professional development system, which allows you to plan and log your professional experience in an easy to use electronic format. You can also use it to create reports to summarise your CPD at the end of each year or quarter.
  • The CPD Record Form is a simple downloadable template for recording your development.  It includes guidance on what to record, how to record it and what to think about to produce an effective record and to get the most out of your learning. 

Although we encourage members to use these tools to record their CPD, alternative formats - for example those used by an employer or another professional body - are normally acceptable, provided that the same information is covered, including evidence of reflection.  In particular, you'll need to check your CPD record includes

  • a brief description of your work role
  • your professional development goals
  • details of a range of learning activities, including what you learned and how you will (or already have) applied this

and meets the CPD requirements set by the EI and any other body through which you hold a licence through the EI. 

ISee our section on CPD requirements for more details 

Attached documents

Annual report from the CPD Panel 2014 (DOCX 19 Kb) [ Show summary ]
CPD template 2016 (DOC 95 Kb) [ Show summary ]