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Submitting your CPD records - and feedback

Each year, a sample of all professional members is asked to submit their CPD records for the preceding year. 

If you are selected, your CPD submission can take the form of a report created on MyCareerPath, or can be submitted using the EI's CPD Record Form. Alternative formats  - such as that used by your employer - are normally acceptable as long as they cover at least the same information as the EI CPD Record Form, including evidence of reflection. 

If you are one of the members selected as part of the random sample, we will normally write to you at least two months before the deadline for submission. Once received, your records will be sent to the EI's CPD Panel for review. All records will remain confidential throughout this process.

The Panel endeavours to give feedback to as many members as possible but unfortunately are not able to provide individual advice to everyone who submits. However, the Panel produces an annual report giving general feedback to all respondents. Past reports can be found below, and you are very welcome to contact the staff team if you have any queries about your CPD.   

Visit the CPD requirements page for information about CPD and submissions for those who are registered as Chartered Scientists (CSci), EngTech, IEng or CEng, or as a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv).

Attached documents

Annual report from the CPD Panel 2014 (DOCX 19 Kb) [ Show summary ]
About the EI's CPD procedures (DOCX 74 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Annual CPD report for members 2015 (DOCX 19 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Annual CPD report 2016 (DOCX 17 Kb) [ Show summary ]