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Uploading Templates

The uploading templates should be completed in full (do not delete any columns) and the collated details should be returned to the membership team  

Please ensure you have completed the correct form before submission as failure to do so will result in delay in processing. Failure to complete the form as required may also  result in your application not being processed.

  • Academic institutions are required to use the 'Student uploading template' to submit their details.

  • Approved Training Providers & PD Providers are required to use the 'Approved Training Provider delegate template' to submit their details. 

  • Individuals who have attended courses through our Approved Providers can use the 'ATP delegate application form ' form to sign up directly.

Attached documents

Approved Training Provider delegate template (XLS 66 Kb) [ Show summary ]
ATP delegate application form (DOC 173 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Student uploading template - Learning Affiliates only (XLS 64 Kb) [ Show summary ]

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