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Committee on Radioactive Waste Management

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The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) provides independent advice, based on informed scrutiny of the available evidence, to UK Government and Devolved Administration Ministers on the long-term management of radioactive waste, including storage and disposal. Its primary objectives are:

  • to provide independent evidence-based advice to sponsor Ministers on the Government’s, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) and Radioactive Waste Management Ltd’s (RWM) programme to deliver geological disposal (excluding Scotland), together with robust interim storage, for higher activity radioactive waste;
  • to provide independent, evidence-based advice on other radioactive waste management issues as requested by sponsor Ministers, including advice requested by Scottish Government in relation to its policy for higher activity radioactive waste.

CoRWM plays an essential and high profile role in demonstrating the Government’s commitment to transparency and use of evidence in guiding radioactive waste policy. In doing so it helps to create greater public understanding and trust. This is vital to the UK Government’s delivery of a highly-engineered geological disposal facility, compliant with stringent regulatory requirements, using the approach of working in partnership with local communities. It is also vital to the ongoing development and implementation of safe, secure, environmentally sound and publicly acceptable radioactive waste management programmes across the UK.

Details of the work in which CoRWM is currently involved, as well as its previous reports and position papers, are available here

CoRWM comprises a Chair and up to eleven members. The Chair and members reflect different backgrounds and are not mandated representatives of organisations or sectoral interests. As part of a cycle of appointments to the Committee, the positions of eleven members become vacant from mid to late 2016.

Further details of CoRWM’s role and responsibilities and its ways of working are contained within the Committee’s Terms of Reference which can be found in the candidate pack.

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