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The Energy Institute offers a range of conferences, seminars, dinners, lunches and other events dealing with all sectors of the energy business and catering for the various interests of EI members and guests.

To keep you up to date with the topics of greatest concern, we run an annual programme of conferences. We are ideally placed to identify topical issues and provide a forum for debate led by experts from industry and government.

Please view the Events Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

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  1. Events in February 2017

  2. The H21 Leeds City Gate Project

    • 22 Feb

    • Leeds
    The H21 Leeds City Gate Project is a feasibility study developed by Northern Gas Networks (NGN). The project?s aim is to establish if it is technically and economically possible to convert the existing natural gas supply in Leeds, one of the largest UK cities, to hydrogen.
  3. Exploration and production of oil and gas: Technical and commercial perspectives

    • 21 Feb - 23 Feb

    • London, UK
    This course familiarises delegates, avoiding jargon and corporate bias, with the key upstream technologies, processes and facilities. It also identifies the risks associated with them.... AND MORE.
  4. International Petroleum Week

    • 21 Feb - 23 Feb

    The leading strategic forum for the international oil and gas industry attracting over 2,000 key influencers and senior decision-makers.
  5. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING for the Energy Institute - Middle East Branch

    • 15 Feb

    • Bur Dubai
    The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING for the Energy Institute - Middle East Branch will be held on Wednesday 15 February at 6:00pm in the ENOC HQ Auditorium, Sheikh Rashid Road, Near Lamcy Plaza, Bur Dubai. Please attend and bring along any friends or colleagues who are involved in the energy sector and who would be interested in joining the EI.
  6. Webinar - how to apply for professional and chartered membership

    • 15 Feb

    How to apply for professional and chartered membership.
  7. What can philosophy do for the climate? A talk by Emeritus Professor John Broome

    • 09 Feb

    • Oxford
    To respond well to climate change, we need to set value on the alternative actions we might take. A difficult issue of value raised by climate change is the value of human life, since climate change will kill many people and also alter the Earth's future population. Both the value of saving people from death and the value of creating new people are topics for moral philosophy.
  8. Substance Abuse Offshore - Technical Presentation

    • 07 Feb

    • Aberdeen
    For over 40 years, Iqarus has been a pioneer in the field of offshore medical support and occupational health. With its foundations and extensive experience in the North Sea, Iqarus has great insight into the specific needs of offshore communities and continually develops and evolves its solutions to meet changing needs and challenges its clients.
  9. Electric vehicle trends, challenges and future technologies.

    • 07 Feb

    • Leicester
    This presentation, given by Dr Rebecca Gough a Technical Specialist at Cenex, will primarily focus on the relationship between electric vehicles and the future of the UK electricity grid, paying particular attention to Smart Charging and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and the potential these technologies have to offer.
  10. Energy Reform - Mexico

    • 02 Feb

    • Belbroughton
    Following 2 and a half years of reforms, the Energy Reform nears its conclusion. How is this affecting opportunities for British Companies?
  11. NASA in Aberdeen - 'The Truth Behind Gravity' Public Lecture

    • 01 Feb

    • Aberdeen
    Come along to The Truth Behind Gravity at Robert Gordon's College, to hear from NASA Astronaut, Rick Hieb, and NASA Scientist, Dr. Sue Lederer, who will give their experience and knowledge of zero gravity and how it affects us.
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