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Evening Lectures

From March to December the Energy Institue holds a series of evening lectures on a variety of current topics from the energy industry.
Each lecture is delivered by an expert who provides an in-depth account of their activities, outputs, challenges and opportunities and includes a 30 minute question and answer session that enables delegates to put questions and views to the key players.

Venue: Energy Institute, 61 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7AR

Each lecture lasts approximately 1 ½ hours. Registration is at 16.30 for a 17.00 start concluding at 18.00 with a networking drinks reception. With the approval of the speaker, presentation materials will be made available to attendees after the event.

Evening lectures are free for all to attend but delegates are required to register in advance. If you are not able to attend in person, you can participate via our interactive webinar system instead. Please see the relevant event page for further information and to register for a lecture.

EI evening lecture programme is sponsored by:

  1. Events in July 2017

  2. Melchett Lecture 2017

    • 04 Jul

    • London, UK
    The 2017 Melchett Award will be presented to Dr Fatih Birol HonFEI, Executive Director, International Energy Agency at this high-profile event in London on 4 July.

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  3. EI Energy Barometer 2017 - Views from UK energy professionals

    • 13 Jul

    • London
    Overview of the 2017 Energy Barometer report delivered by an expert panel.
  4. IEA World Energy Investment 2017

    • 13 Jul

    • London
    The IEA's second annual benchmark analysis of energy investment ̶ the lifeblood of the global energy system ̶ presents diverse findings, with upbeat news in some quarters and bearish indicators in others. World Energy Investment 2017 provides a critical foundation for decision making by governments and industry.

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  5. Events in September 2017

  6. Fuel poverty and domestic energy efficiency in Great Britain

    • 20 Sep

    • London
    Addressing fuel poverty and improving domestic energy efficiency are two key areas for government policy to help reduce carbon emissions and to ensure that vulnerable consumers are protected.

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Attached documents

Is biomass the answer to 2020? (PDF 370 Kb) [ Show summary ]
An affordable transition to sustainable and secure energy for light vehicles in the UK (PDF 909 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Next-generation large blade technology for reducing the cost of offshore wind energy (PDF 1075 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Myth and realities of the shale oil and gas developments (PDF 2469 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Douglas Westwood Global Offshore Prospects (PDF 4214 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Pelamis - wave energy lecture (PDF 2333 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Energy Infrastructure: a systems approach - PowerPoint (PDF 2083 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Energy Pricing: Securing and maintaining the best deal - PowerPoint (PDF 3614 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Offshore wind: End of life opportunities - PowerPoint (PDF 1091 Kb) [ Show summary ]
Developing a cost effective CCS scheme for the UK - PowerPoint (PDF 1534 Kb) [ Show summary ]
ESOS evening lecture ppt (PDF 1167 Kb) [ Show summary ]
EL Shale gas 10 Dec 2015 ppt (PDF 5543 Kb) [ Show summary ]