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Conferences and Seminars

The Energy Institute runs a series of conferences and seminars each year, focusing on issues affecting the entire industry.  Conference topics have included: oil depletion, renewables, carbon capture and storage, microbiology, offshore safety, human factors, decommissioning and gas.  These events are run in addition to the EI Awards, IP Week and Energy in transition.  For more information and to see what's coming up, visit the events calendar.

  1. Events in April 2017

  2. Government's Industrial Strategy - can policy keep up with the energy market?

    • 18 Apr

    • London
    Creating an industrial strategy that responds to the challenges of climate change and the economic challenges of a post-Brexit Britain is no small endeavour. Integrating business, energy, and industrial strategy into a new department (BEIS) creates an opportunity for decarbonisation to become fully embedded into the UK's industrial and business policy.

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  3. Events in May 2017

  4. Middle East HSE Forum

    • 16 May - 18 May

    • Dubai, UAE
    This international technical forum hosted by the Energy Institute in partnership with ENOC will deliver essential learning and sharing of international good practice to help improve the safety performance of organisations, foster a healthy and accident-free work culture, and ensure a sustainable environment. Bringing together research, academia, industry and regulators, the conference will discuss key HSE challenges and opportunities facing the energy sectors in the Middle East.
  5. Events in June 2017

  6. Impact of Brexit on UK energy policy

    • 27 Jun

    • London
    One year on - what has the impact been?

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  7. Events in July 2017

  8. 22nd World Petroleum Congress

    • 09 Jul - 13 Jul

    • Istanbul
    The triennial World Petroleum Congress is widely known as the "Olympics" of the petroleum industry and covers all aspects of the industry from technological advances in upstream and downstream operations to the role of natural gas and renewables, management of the industry and its social, economic and environmental impact.
  9. Events in September 2017

  10. Future of gas - implications for infrastructure

    • 26 Sep

    • London
    Energy Policy Debate

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  11. September EPD

    • 26 Sep

    • London
    September EPD

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