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Energy Efficiency Conference and Workshop

Embedding behaviour change to unlock efficiency potential
29 - 30 March 2017, Energy Institute, London W1G 7AR

The EI is holding a conference and workshop in London on 29 and 30 March which will provide essential updates on managing energy use and increasing efficiency, as well as explore the issue that lies at the heart of improving energy efficiency: people.

The conference and workshop will be of particular interest to large end-users of energy, energy managers and consultants, as well as behaviour change specialists and psychologists. 

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Energy Efficiency Conference - 29 March

This conference is designed to provide businesses like yours with the information needed to manage energy use more effectively, and to:

  • Save money on energy costs
  • Comply with legislation
  • Reduce your organisation's environmental impact
  • Gain reputational value and a competitive edge

Speakers will discuss energy efficiency policy and legislation, best practice in energy systems and standards, as well as the latest thinking in approaches to behaviour change. 

Without active intervention into people’s behaviour towards energy use, energy performance cannot improve. The conference will explore opportunities to raise energy awareness through introducing behaviour change aspects to energy legislation, standards, auditing, building design, management strategy, business operations, and performance monitoring.

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Energy Behaviour Change Workshop - 30 March 

This workshop will build on the programme and discussion had around energy behaviour change at the Energy Efficiency Conference 2017, and will focus in more detail on latest behaviour change techniques and solutions. It will provide the opportunity to learn, share and collaborate on:

  • The latest behaviour change techniques and ideas
  • Solutions to energy behaviour challenges
  • Frameworks for implementing a successful behaviour change strategy

The workshop aims to give you the ideas and tools needed to apply the most relevant behaviour change strategies across your organisation – to significantly reduce your energy use and thus cut operational costs.

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Boost the presence of your brand and meet new clients at Energy Efficiency 2017. Please contact Luigi Fontana to find out about the sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available:

t: +44 (0)20 7467 7182.

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