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Sponsor Judge - Energy Excellence Award


Mark Linder
Partner - Geopolitical, Bell Pottinger

Mark is Partner and creative director at Bell Pottinger, in our Geopolitical unit. He has

responsibility for iconic energy projects, some of which are controversial.

Mark is a creative generalist in a world of specialists. He has worked in technology, energy and services sectors and held significant leadership roles in both agencies and client companies. For example he was the first-ever chief marketing officer of KPMG.

He developed branding strategies and served as the worldwide agency leader for Ford Motor Company (“Better Ideas”), Jaguar (“At Last”), Nokia, AT&T, Ernst & Young, BP, Vodafone, McKinsey & Company (“Inspiring Leaders”) and other brands. The BP branding concept, “Beyond Petroleum” was expressed strongly on the forecourt, and through the launch of Ultimate brand performance fuels (“More performance, less pollution”), which Mark took personal accountability for.

Having had enough of traditional marketing for “loveable” brands, for the past 15 years Mark has focused on energy sectors, a lens through which he looks at culture. He worked for BP in biofuels, works extensively in re-branding the unconventional oil & gas industry, large scale biomass, and tidal lagoon power. Mark is actively engaged with Tidal Lagoon Power, Cuadrilla Resources, eCorp, the Venezuelan national oil company PDVSA, the Fennovoima nuclear project and their supplier Rosatom (in Finland), and a country marketing project with the United Arab Emirates. He has also developed an unconventional oil & gas fund concept (the Unconventional Energy Investment Company), currently sidelined until oil prices recover – which they will.


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