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Sponsor Judge - Young Energy Professional Award

  Martin Wingrove
Business Manager, Saudi Aramco

Martin graduated in Chemistry from Manchester University in 1974 and began his career as an environmental scientist with the Anglian water Authority in the UK. In 1982 he joined Saudi Aramco where he has just completed 34 years of service.

The first 18 years of his career with the Company were spent establishing and supervising Oilfield laboratories in Saudi Arabia’s extensive Southern area oilfields (“Upstream; from well to refinery gate and all points in between”).  In 2000 he moved to the Company headquarters in Dhahran, where he spent the next 4 years as part of a team managing the Company’s Engineering Technology program.  

In 2004 he was relocated to the Company’s affiliate office in the Netherlands to establish a European Technology scouting function, also acting as Oil Spill response coordinator for the Company’s crude shipments in Europe, the Mediterranean and West Africa.

After 9 years in The Netherlands Martin was assigned to the Company’s London office to identify and establish a facility to house its consolidated UK operation. His role in London continues as Business Manager as well as providing support for the Company’s technology scouting and relationships in the UK.

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