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Safety Award

"This is an important award for the industry because it awards initiative and innovation for work that goes above-and-beyond the call of duty to set a precedent and enhance the energy industry’s safety record."
Gill Minshull, Operations Manager, Energy Division 1, Offshore HSE
Safety Award Judge (EI Awards 2016)


Category criteria

The energy industry could not operate without the proper regard to safety. Standards for safe practice are robust, and subject to continuous review and refinement. As well as investing substantially in the development of health and safety standards on behalf of the industry itself, the EI is committed to facilitating safe, sustainable self-regulation of the highest order.
This award will acknowledge teams, individuals and projects that take a unique approach to health and safety, and demonstrates the potential to have an impact on the industry's overall safety record.
For the Safety Award, the judging panel will be looking for:
  • Safety initiative or innovation with the most potential for industry-wide benefit
  • Management commitment
  • Effective communication
  • Demonstrable difference from before to after application
You must be able to validate the success of your project with proven results.
See examples of past projects which have featured on the EI Awards shortlist here

Entries for the Safety Award are open until 14 July.


Entry guidelines

To be considered for the 2017 Safety Award, please follow these three simple steps:
1. Read the guidelines below before submitting your entry:
  • Please consider the category criteria carefully, this is what the judges will assess your entry against. 
  • We welcome multiple projects to be entered into the competition. Please note however, the same project, product, initiative or person can be entered into one category only. Please use a new entry form for each submission.
  • If your organisation is sponsoring an award, please note that any entries you make to that category will not be considered by the judging panel.
  • If you are a contractor and you are submitting an entry relating to a project you undertook for a client, please ensure you receive full approval from your client to enter the project to the competition.
  • All submissions must be sent in the official entry form. Entries provided in any other format will not be considered by the judging panel. Download the official entry form here.
  • In your entry form you are required to put together a statement of 500 to 1000* words which explains how your entry satisfies the award criteria (given above). 
  • When writing your statement you must follow the format below, ensuring that you use the 500 to 1000 word count to answer all of the sections below:

    Background – reasons behind the project concept
    Aims – what was the project designed to achieve?
    Description and development – actions taken to carry the project
    Impact and benefits – what were the positive outcomes of the project?
    Reasons – why should the project be considered for the appropriate award?

* Please note: the total word count must include any testimonials you wish to submit.

  • Entries will be judged on the contents of the written submissions.  However, entrants may include up to 3 electronic links to additional background information to prove the success of your project. Background information will only be accepted if it is provided via web links in the relevant section of the entry form. 
    Please note: the content of this additional information will not be considered in the formal judging process. Please ensure that all of the key information you wish to be considered by the panel is given in the entry statement.
  • The judging panel will be looking for evidence of your achievements. You should include as much results data, facts and figures as possible in your entry statement so that the judging panel is able to measure your success.
  • Spelling, grammar and overall presentation will be considered by the judging panel, in addition to the content and metrics included in your statement. Please ensure you have your entry statenent proof-read prior to submission.
  • Our judging panel is made up of industry experts, each with their own specialisms. Please ensure that your statement is written in an accessible manner so that it is clearly understandable for anyone without direct knowledge of your project, business or sector.
  • Find out our top tips for a successful entry here.
2. Download the official entry form here. You must submit your entry in this format.
3. Submit your completed entry form to Francesca Ferarri at e:

Entries for the Safety Award are open until 14 July.


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