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Entering the EI Awards

The 2017 EI Awards competition will open for entries on 30 January 2017.

Entry information for the 2017 competition will be listed here. __________________________________________________________________________________

The Awards celebrate teams and individuals across the global energy sector who have demonstrated the uttermost excellence through their work.

Nominating yourself or a colleague for an award could be a prime opportunity to have your achievements recognised by a senior panel of judges, and the wider industry.

  • Find out why you should enter the EI Awards here
  • Find out how to put together a successful entry here

This page contains all of the essential information on how to submit an entry, so if you would like to be part of this prestigious competition - please read on!

How to submit an entry

To enter the competition, please follow these four simple steps:

1. Select a category

2. Read the entry guidelines below

3. Download the submission form

4. Return the completed form.


Step 1 - Select a category

The nine award categories are:

Please click on the links above to view the individual category criteria.           

Step 2 - Read the entry guidelines

  • Each category has its own criteria, you can see what these are via the category links listed in section 1.

    You should carefully consider the criteria for the category you're entering, this is the criteria that the judges will use to assess your entry.
  • We welcome as many entries as possible. If you have multiple projects you would like to enter to the competition, we would be delighted to receive them.

    Please note however, the same project, product, initiative or person can only be entered into one category. Please use a new submission form for each entry you submit.
  • If you are a contractor and you are submitting an entry relating to a project you undertook for a client, please ensure you receive full approval from your client to enter the project to the competition.
  • If you are sponsoring an award category, please note that any entries you make to that category will not be considered by the judging panel.
  • All entries must be submitted in the official submission form. Any entrys provided in any other format will not be considered by the judging panel.

    Download the submission form here.
  • In 500 to 1000* words you must put together a statement which satisfies as many of the category-specific criteria as possible.

    In addition, when writing your entry statement you must follow the format below, ensuring that you use the 500 to 1000 word count to answer all of the sections below:

    Background – reasons behind the project concept
    Aims – what was the project designed to achieve?
    Description and development – actions taken to carry the project
    Impact and benefits – what were the positive outcomes of the project?
    Reasons – why should the project be considered for the appropriate award?

* Please note that the word count must include any testimonials you wish to submit.

  • Please note that only photos and videos will be accepted as supporting materials, in addition to your submission form. These must be provided as web links in the submission form, attachments will not be accepted.

    Please note that we are unable to guarantee that additional photos and videos will be considered by the judging panel when they review your submission.
  • Please ensure that you use your entry statement to prove achievement. Include as much data, facts and figures as possible in your entry statement so that the judging panel is able to measure your success.
  • Spelling, grammar and overall presentation will be considered by the judging panel, in addition to the content and metrics included in your statement. Please ensure you have your entry statenent proof-read prior to submission.
  • Our judging panel is made up of industry experts, each with their own specialisms. Please ensure that your statement is written in an accessible manner so that it is clearly understandable for anyone without direct knowledge of your project, business or sector.
  • Find out our top tips for a successful entry here.

Step 3 - Download the submission form


Step 4 - Submit your entry

To submit your entry, please return your completed submission form(s) to Francesca Ferrari:

Francesca Ferrari
Energy Institute
61 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7AR


The EI reserve the right to re-allocate your entry to another category, as deemed appropriate to the judging criteria and the merits of the project(s) being entered.                                                                                  

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