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About the Cadman Award

The Cadman Memorial Fund commemorates the late Lord Cadman of Silverdale, Chairman of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now BP) and Past President of the Institute of Petroleum. The first Cadman Award was given on 27 March 1946 and since its initiation, the fund has provided for the endowment of a memorial award and lecture on an aspect of the science of petroleum. 

A brief history of the Rt. Hon Lord Cadman of Silverdale (John Cadman) and the Cadman Award

Sir John Cadman was President of the Institute of Petroleum from 1935-36. He later became Rt. Hon Lord Cadman of Silverdale. 

Born in the Villas in High Street Silverdale on 7th September 1877, John Cadman later lived at Silverdale House. He was educated at Newcastle High School and gained an MSc at Durham University. As Assistant Manager at Silverdale Colliery and as H.M. Inspector of Mines he worked to reduce loss of life, gaining the North Staffordshire Brigade rescue medal with five clasps.

He served as Government Mining Engineer in Trinidad and as Professor of Mining at Birmingham University. His foresight regarding the Persian oilfields helped to guarantee the supply of oil during the 1st World War. He later became Chairman of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, now BP.

He was knighted in 1918 and raised to the peerage in 1937. Through his leading contribution in the fields of oil television and international aviation, Cadman played a vital role in three of the most significant developments of the 20th Century.

He died in Bletchley in 1941. His ashes are interred at St Luke's Church, Silverdale.


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