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Past Melchett Award winners

1930   Kurt Rummell: The calculation of the thermal characteristics of regenerators.

1931   W A Bone: A century of fuel economy.

1932   Charles M Schwab

1933   Sir John Cadman: The place of oil in the world of fuel.

1934   Friedrich Bergius: An inventor's difficulties in building up a large-scale industry.

1935   Harry R Ricardo: The progress of the internal-combustion engine and its fuel. 

1936   Franz Fischer: The conversion of coal into liquid motor fuels and other products by way of carbon monoxide.

1937   Morris W Travers: The study of gases.

1938   R V Wheeler: Destructive distillation.

1939   H A Humphrey: The supply of explosives during the war, and the early history of Billingham.

1940   Etienne Audibert

1941   Clarence A Seyler: Recent progress in the petrology of coal. 

1942   Arno C Fieldner: The analysis and testing of coal in relation to its properties and utilisation. 

1943   E S Grumell: Conservation of resources. 

1944   J G King: The pattern of fuel research.

1945   C H Lander: Team work in research. 

1946   Sir James Chadwick: Atomic energy and its applications. 

1947   Kenneth Gordon: Hydogenation in the fuel and chemical industries.

1949   Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle

1950   R J Sarjant: Ignipotence. 

1951   Prof F H Garner: Combustion processes in engines.

1952   Prof D T A Townend: Highways and byways in combustion science.

1953   Dr H Hartley: The domestic appliance industry and fuel usage in Great Britain.

1954   Dr H H Storch: Problems in the chemistry and chemical utilisation of coal. 

1955   Dr A Parker: Power, population and prosperity. 

1956   Sir Alfred Egerton: Methane and its combustion. 

1957   Sir Christopher Hinton: Nuclear power developments: some experiences of the first 10 years. 

1959   P O Rosin: A common problem of research and engineering in fuel technology.

1960   H C Hottell: Radiative transfer in combustion systems. 

1961   Sir Harold Hartley (award to MacFarlane): MacFarlane Memorial Lecture. 

1962   H E Crossley: A contribution to the development of power stations. 

1963   HRH Prince Philip: Progress by design or accident. 

1964   Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabba: (no lecture given)

1965   F J Dent: Experiences in gasification research. 

1966   Prof Sir Owen Saunders: Motivation of research. 

1967   Sir Charles Cawley: Some aspects of formulating a fuel policy.

1968   A Ignatieff: Fuels in a developing country. 

1969   William T Reid: The energy explosion. 

1970   Prof T E Allibone: The future of power generation in Great Britain. 

1971   Lord Rothschild: Too old? 

1972   F T Bacon: Fuel cells and the growing energy problem. 

1974   Prof Sir Frederick Warner: Individual responsibility in health and safety. 

1975   Sir John Hill: Nuclear power: the achievements, the problems - and myths. 

1976   Dr T G Callcott: Coal to burn. 

1977   Dr J H Chesters: Fuels rush in. 

1978   Dr G Brunner: The future of the European Community. 

1979   Dr A W Pearce: Oil - hydrocarbons or BTUs. 

1980   Sir William Hawthorne: The use of coal. 

1981   J H Dunster: The assessment of the risks of energy - an iconoclastic view. 

1982   Dr J A Gray: Gas technology: past and future.

1985   Prof J M Beer: Clean combustion of coal, research and applications.  An overview of new technology developments in the USA.

1986   Prof N Franklin: Swords and ploughshares - nuclear fuel.

1987   Sir George Porter: Solar energy - past and future.

1988   Dr Frank Fitzgerald: Energy, high technology and economics in modern steelmaking.

1989   Mr Neville Chamberlain: Nuclear fuel: the thinking man's alternative.

1990   Dr David Lindley: Windpower - a solution to the greenhouse effect.

1991   Mr R N Hodge: Energy: the industrial customer's experience and expectations.

1992   Dr H L Beckers: Energy future; wishful thinking and reality.

1993   Mr Robert Evans: Evolution of natural gas technology - the route to competitive strength.

1994   S William Gouse, Jnr: Energy, where have we been and where are we going?

1995   Prof John Chesshire: Sustainability and Globalisation; Mirage or Reality?

1996   Sir Crispin Tickell: Climate Change 

1997   I Boustead: Environmental Decisions

1998   Dr Brenda Boardman: Energy, Efficiency and Equity

1999   Prof Ian Fells: Energy in the next Millennium: On the brink?

2000   Walter Patterson: Energy 21: Making the World Work

2001   Lord Browne of Madingley: Environmental Policy

2002   Dr Mary Archer: Renewable Technology Innovations

2003   Sir John Parker:  Supplying Britain’s gas and electricy - will lessons from the past help the industry face new changes?

2004   Sir Roy Gardner:  Talent is key to success

2005   Vincent de Rivaz HonFEI, Chief Executive, EDF Energy

2008   Andrew Warren FEI, Director, Assocation for the Conservation of Energy

2010   Prof Jim Skea OBE FEI

2011   Prof Allan Jones CSci FEI

2013   Prof David MacKay, Chief Scientific Advisor, Department of Energy and Climate Change

2014   Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool KBE HonFEI

2016   Prof Sir David King HonFEI, Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

2017   Dr Fatih Birol HonFEI, Executive Director, International Energy Agency

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