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ISO 50001/Energy Management and Performance Overview

16 April 2018
12.00 - 14.00
The Literary and Philosophical Society
23 Westgate Road
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We would like to invite you to a 2 hour session focused on Energy Management, Verification and the ISO standard for energy management ("ISO 50001").

ISO 50001/Energy Management & Performance Overview with Rajvant Nijjhar CMVP CEM-I

ISO 50001 is the international standard for Energy Management and is becoming THE essential tool to allow Energy Managers to take control of energy consumption in their portfolio, develop a philosophy of continuous improvement and lay down policies to allow the best long term decisions to be made.

There is an upgrade on the standard about to be released. As Rajvant has been on the team developing it, as well as describing the way it can be used successfully, she will be able to tell us the likely changes ahead of publication. Rajvant will also cover some of the basic principles of M&V to enable energy performance to be assessed.

Rajvant Nijjhar CMVP CEM-I

Rajvant has over 16 years of experience in the water, construction, and energy and sustainability industries and currently specialises in the measurement and verification of energy efficiency savings through her company ( Rajvant is involved in the delivery of M&V services for energy performance contracts, the implementation, audit and review of M&V plans and also deliver CMVP and bespoke M&V training courses.

Rajvant is also the President of UKAEE-the UK Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.

As the UKBSI expert, Rajvant was part of the core team responsible for the development of ISO 50015 - the international M&V standard.

In her spare time, Rajvant plays competitive tennis,runs and is writing a children's book. If anyone will ask, she will join in for a game of golf or go skiing and also likes to volunteer with marine conservation organisations.

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