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Frequently Asked Questions

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Company membership

What is the difference between individual and company membership?

Company membership is a business to business relationship wherby formal association with the EI, as the energy sector's specialist professional body, can help a business promote itself as well as take advantage of a other corporate member benefits. For individuals, membership of the EI can give them personal accreditation eg professional membership qualifications and networking opportunities.

Does company membership include any individual memberships?

No it does not. The two are separate and so we encourage energy companies to have both company membership and also encourage their staff to apply for individual membership. This means that not only can they work with us corporately, but they can also gain a professionally qualified workforce

What are main benefits of company membership?

Membership is evidence of a company's commitment to professionalism and good practice. The full list of company membership benefits is available via the link on the company membership webpage

How is the cost of company membership calculated?

We have four tiers of cost depending on the number of employees you have working in energy. If you are a multinational, by paying the top rate, it will cover you worldwide.

How long does membership last?

Our membership year - for company as well as individual - runs from 1 January to 31 December. If you join during the year, you pay a pro-rata fee to the end of the year. We invoice each December to cover the following year and expect payment by 31 January

How do you communicate with company members?

You nominate two people to be your representatives but we would also like you to give us  details of your staff responsible for HR; Operations; Marketing - so that we can send targeted communicarions to them with details of EI services for their areas of responsibility