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Frequently Asked Questions

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Individual membership

How do I become a member?

You can join and pay online here as an Affiliate, Graduate or Student member and the short questionnaire will guide you to the appropriate grade. There is no assessment; you will be given a membership number and we will send you a welcome pack in about a week.

What grade should I apply for?

f you have less than 4 years professional experience in the energy sector, or want to access member benefits immediately, apply online for one of our pre-professional grades. The questionnaire will guide you to the appropriate grade. If you have over 4 years, you should consider applying for one of our professional grades. Please see a separate set of FAQs.

What are the benefits?

The EI is a business-led, multidisciplinary Chartered institute covering the whole of the energy sector. So if you work in, or merely have an interest in energy, we are the relevant body for you to join. Our members have access to our specialist and detailed knowledge and information services, such as the Energy Matrix; they receive 25% discount on our technical publications; they get discounts to our events; and access to social media groups, to name but a few. Become a member quickly and easily.

How do I access my membership benefits?

As part of your subscription, you will receive one of our member magazines - Energy World or Petroleum Review - each month. In order to ensure these are uninterrupted, you will need to renew your subscription promptly at the beginning of each calendar year. Other benefits - such as our online career development portal mycareerpath; the Energy Matrix and our extensive technical publications catalogue (25% discount on publications to members) are available by logging in to the EI website with your membership number and password. Or have a look at the EI Membership benefits matrix

How long does my membership last?

Our membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. We send you a renewal notice in the post each November. Once you are a member, we assume you will want to remain one and we will automatically renew your membership each year unless you tell us that you no longer want it. Your membership means that you have a formal relationship with us – and this means much more than just being on a mailing list. However, your continued membership relies on your paying the subscription each time it becomes due ie on 1 January. If you are a professional member, or chartered professional member, and your subscription remains unpaid for 3 years, then you will have to re-apply and undergo the assessment process again.

How do I pay my subscription?

The easiest way is by direct debit; we take your payment in the middle of February each year. You can download a form here. Or pay online by logging in from the EI homepage; or phone us on +44(0)20-7467-7100 and ask for membership renewals

How do I obtain a receipt?

You can access receipts for your payments whenever you like by going to the MyEI section of the website and logging in to your account (your username is the email address at which you normally receive messages from the EI). Click on the Subscriptions and Receipts tab on the left hand side of the screen. 

Why am I not receiving my magazine?

If you pay a subscription, you should receive a magazine each month in the post. If you no longer receive your magazine it will be because:
• You have not paid your membership subscription either for the current year or prior years. Please check with us on +44(0)20-7467-7100 to confirm how much you have outstanding. We automatically stop sending magazines to unpaid members after 31 March each year
• Your mailing address has changed and we are unaware of it. Please go online and make any amendments.
• If all your subscriptions are paid and your mailing address is correct, then your local postal service may be at fault – please check with them. We can only send magazines to the address we have on file.

I have retired now. Is there a reduced rate?

Half rate subscriptions are available for members who are on a reduced income or are fully retired. Please see the membership fees page for further information. 

How do I update my membership details?

You can do this online by logging in to the MyEI section of the website.

How do I contact you about my membership?

You can email us; or phone us on +44(0)20-7467-7100

How do I gift aid my subscription?

Please see our separate set of Gift Aid FAQs