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Sample layout page

Sample layout page  (this is Heading 2)

This is a sample layout page to show format and styles (this line is in Paragraph)

Heading 3

Heading 4 - this is the smallest heading, and as with all the others will force a line space after it.

Use Paragraph and bold
if you want the heading to sit above the text
(to avoid a line space use Shift and Enter to drop down one line.  For those of you familiar with HTML this is equivalent to BR


To add an image to a webpage you first need to add it to the WYSIWYG Image Pool.   

  • Find this on the drop down menu and click on New WYSIWYG Image Pool item
  • Give the image a name
  • Browse to its location on the network or insert its URL if on another webpage (find this by right clicking on the image and choosing properties).
  • Click Create WYSIWYG Image Pool item
  • Right click your mouse on the little image on the page of images now showing.  Choose properties and copy the URL of the image from the / before _uploads onwards.  eg:  /_uploads/imgpool/lib05_thumb.gif 

Edit the website page 

The EI Library showing periodical racks and visitors' desks

  • To insert a picture click the "insert/edit image" icon (the little tree icon) above and fill in the boxes to choose the picture.
  • Paste in the picture's URL (Type ctrl V if you have previously copied the URL)
  • Fill in the image description – this is what will show if the web visitor holds their mouse over the image, and will be the alternative text showing if they have switched images off (or have a reader for the blind).
  • Make sure there are numbers in the dimensions box or the picture will look like a full stop.
  • To position the picture choose from the picture alignment drop-down list.Set vertical and horizontal spacing of at least 5 – otherwise any text next to it will butt straight up to it.

Note - (You can add an image direct from another website, but the URL will remain that of the page you have taken it from, so the image will vanish if that page ceases to exist.)

Links to external or internal URLs 

To link to a URL highlight the text you want to be the link and click on the link icon. 
If the link is external to this site choose "open link in a new window" from the drop down list.
eg this is a link to SPE: Society of Petroleum Engineers
To make the link more obvious, highlight it again an choose U from above or highlight and type Ctrl U

Links to emails 

To make an email link highlight the text you want as the link and click on the link icon. 

Typing in a valid email address will prompt the question "The URL you entered seems to be an email address, do you want to add the required mailto: prefix?"  Click the OK button.  Underline it to make it more obvious.

An obvious email address typed into the text will automatically be recognised and made into a link:
If you don't want it to be a link, highlight it and choose the Unlink button above.




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