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Accreditation of Energy Assessors and the Green Deal

The Energy Performance Building Directive now makes it a legal requirement for the energy certification of buildings in domestic, commercial and some industrial sectors. Energy practitioners who are already involved in energy reporting or energy assessing buildings should be seeking registration as “Accredited Energy Assessors” through an approved accreditation body.

The Energy Institute (EI) is able to offer members a route to accreditation and registration through our partners ECMK. This is a significant opportunity for EI members to achieve accreditation through the APEL route which recognises prior experience and knowledge.

Anyone interested in becoming an accredited energy assessor for the issue of EPCs and DECs through the EI should see the information below. It is set out in two sections relating to England and Wales and to Scotland.

Accreditation of energy assessors for issuing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs) in England and Wales

The Energy Institute has partnered with ECMK to provide straightforward routes for our members to become accredited as Energy Assessors.

Two routes to accreditation are available for members to become Energy Assessors for New Builds, Commercial and Display Energy Certificates - either an APEL route (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) or a qualification route.

APEL route

To be accredited, applicants will need to demonstrate competency either by holding a qualification or on the basis that they are experienced practitioners – the APEL route.

The APEL route is a way for very experienced energy assessors to demonstrate that their skills, knowledge and understanding (gained through their experience) are fully up to the National Occupational Standards (NOS).  This allows them to join an Accreditation scheme without the need to gain a qualification such as DipNDEA, DipOCEA etc.

Qualification route

ECMK are an ABBE-approved assessment centre for qualifications for Energy Assessors. Courses for Display Energy Certificates (DipDEC), Commercial properties (DipNDEA), and On Construction (DipOCEA) are now all available.

For further information on the qualification route and the various providers of the diplomas towards qualification see:

Accreditation for lodging Energy Certificates

ECMK also operates an Accreditation Scheme for Energy Assessors which will give accreditees:

•    A licence to operate
•    A means of lodging EPCs with the Central Register
•    Technical survey support
•    On-going training for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
•    The assurance of a quality control process.

 Accreditation of energy assessors for issuing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Scotland

As a result of the Scottish government’s consultation on the rules for Energy Assessors and the issue of energy performance certificates (see this link for details) there are new requirements for Approved Organisations (AOs) to meet before they are able to accredit Energy Assessors, with effect from 1 October 2012.

The EI will not be re-registering as an AO due to the very small number of accredited assessors we have in Scotland. However in England the EI works with a partner organisation, ECMK, which will also operates in Scotland under the new rules so we would advise contacting Garry Wolfe for further information about how to transfer to ECMK if you wish to become or continue as an Energy Assessor able to work in Scotland. The following gives some background about ECMK:

ecmk have been a BSD Approved Organisation since January 2009 and have well established processes in place which will ensure a smooth transition to the changes required in October 2012. We have an in-house support team on hand to answer any technical queries and accept EPC lodgements from ALL approved SBEM software products. There are no joining fees, no renewal fees and in fact all accreditation services are included in our extremely competitive lodgement price. We would be happy to discuss the accreditation needs of any Energy Assessors operating in the Scottish region.

Green Deal - 2013

For information on training to become a Non-Domestic Green Deal Advisor, see ECMK's website.

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