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Energy World - March 2013

Clean energy installation rates stay strong through difficult times
Steve Hodgson

Demand management – has the government missed the boat?
Lisa Gingell

International news
Major fossil fuel projects ‘will lock in climate chaos’; clean energy investment fell in 2012; carbon price falls to record lows; electric hybrid vehicles are the US’ greenest; world’s solar PV capacity passes 100 GW

Home news
Green Deal is launched; 1.5mn hydrogen cars by 2030?; Scotland sets 2030 carbon target; Centrica pulls out of nuclear new build; Cumbria vetoes nuclear waste repository; carbon capture begins at Aberthaw

EI News


2013 – the year for shale gas development in Europe?
With the shale gas industry apparently booming in the US, how do the hydrocarbon and drilling companies see the future for shale gas on the European side of the Atlantic? It’s a mixed picture, with Poland, Romania and the UK taking steps towards development of the resource, while other countries take a more cautious view. Mónica Cristina from Shale Gas Europe draws a picture.

UK shale gas – excellent productivity will be the key to commerciality
As outlined on the previous two pages, the UK is pushing forward with shale gas development, but will the economics stack up? Yvonne Telford offers some thoughts on the issue, arguing that only the most productive wells will be viable.

Prospects for gas storage in Great Britain
The UK is generally considered to be at a disadvantage compared to other European countries due to its limited gas storage capacity. Here, Chris Le Fevre reports a rather more complex picture.

LNG production to move offshore, in a big way
Part of what is sometimes referred to as the ‘golden age of gas’ will see technological innovation used to exploit reserves that are more challenging to access. Shell is leading the way in developing floating liquefied natural gas, or FLNG, with it’s gigantic Prelude project off the coast of Australia. As the first steel is cut for the project, Energy World caught up with experts at Shell to talk about some of the detail around Prelude.

Smart energy – what can the UK learn from other countries?
As the concepts of smart energy and smart grids become more established around the world, Andy Slater looks to other markets, particularly Japan and the US, for insights into how the UK could move forward – with particular reference to communications infrastructure.

Tackling lighting costs is the most popular energy efficiency measure; solutions for supermarkets, airports and council offices

What now for CRC participants?
After a shaky start and various iterations, the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment, a scheme aimed at small and medium-sized business in the UK to encourage energy efficiency and save carbon, has been simplified further. Sam Dean explains what the changes mean for participants and adds his top ten tips for saving energy.

Implementing an energy management system in schools
Oxfordshire County Council established a Carbon and Energy Reduction Strategy in 2010/11 for its schools. Wendy Cheeseman has been involved all along and here explains what the Council and schools have been doing in the two years that followed.

Setting standards for energy efficiency
Professor Martin Fry FEI and Lesley Wilson report on the latest moves in energy management standards.

What makes a city smart?
What makes a city smart? In terms of energy, a variety of factors need to be taken into account, and the IDC Smart Cities Index is one measuring tool. Here, Gaia Gallotti points towards some examples of good practice for future-conscious urban areas.

Offering the latest thinking on energy management excellence
Energy regulation, usage and efficiency are high on the agenda at NEMEX energy Live 2013 – taking place next month at Birmingham’s NEC.

Energy industry people volunteering for the EI – Jill Lees FEI
The fourth in this series of interviews with energy people who also serve the Energy Institute features Jill Lees FEI – who is Division Head, Project Development, with E.ON Engineering in Germany.

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