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EI 1529 Aviation fuelling hose and hose assemblies

This standard addresses performance requirements and manufacturers’ test procedures for aircraft fuelling hose, hose couplings and hose assemblies suitable for a broad range of aviation fuel servicing equipment, including  fuellers and hydrant servicers.

The main revisions incorporated in this edition are:

  • An increase in the operable temperature range of all hoses to 65 °C (149 °F).
  • The change in length for hose Types E and F having been increased to a maximum of +12 % during the hydrostatic proof test.
  • The addition (by reference to ISO 1825) of a flammability resistance test.
  • An increase to 10 000 in the number of cycles required for the kink resistance test.

This standard will be of use for all aviation fuelling hose and hose coupling manufacturers as well as all hose users, worldwide.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 721 1                     7th edition                                    Nov 2014

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