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Guidance on the implications of Groundwater protection: principles and practice (GP3) on the refurbishment or redevelopment of petrol filling stations

This training pack provides user-friendly guidance for people who are involved in assessing groundwater protection at petrol filling stations (PFS), in particular when redeveloping or refurbishing an existing PFS.

It describes how petrol filling stations (PFS) are designed, constructed and operated, and describes the current groundwater protection legislation. It provides guidance on evidence required to determine if a proposed redevelopment or refurbishment of a PFS is appropriate for a site. Issues to be considered, along with the appropriate engineering standards and effective management systems are identified to ensure sufficient and genuine evidence is provided as part of any environmental risk assessment, thus informing the decision-making process on proposed redevelopment schemes.

It complements the detailed information provided in the Design, construction, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations (‘Blue Book’) published by EI and APEA.

The training pack will be of interest to local authority planning and petroleum licensing officers, Environment Agency officers and PFS owners, operators, developers, professional advisors and designers.

It includes a presentation, with accompanying presenter notes to assist users.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 640 5                         1st edition                                       April 2013

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