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HM 25. Guidelines for assessment of uncertainty in the oil and gas industry (previously Statistics for static and dynamic measurement)

The estimation of uncertainty is a very important feature of measurement data analysis and management in the oil and gas industry.

This document gives guidance on the procedures which can be used to provide an acceptable uncertainty estimate for each stage of the traceability chain leading to a final quantity measurement. The statistical principles are explained at a user level and the treatment and method is designed to comply with the internationally accepted Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement 1995 (GUM). BIPM/ISO/OIML/IEC/IFCC/IUPAC/IUPAP.

This document supersedes HM25 second edition, 1993 (IP PMM Part XIV Statistics for static and dynamic measurement) and incorporates and updates the EI (IP) technical report 370/99 (Revised May 2003) Assessment of measurement uncertainties in the oil and gas industry.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 715 0                       3rd edition                                 Dec 2014

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