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A literature review on the ageing workforce

An ageing workforce creates a demand for research to support evidenced-based practices and policies which promote the productivity, work ability and quality of life of older workers, especially in occupations with a high physical demand. This document reviews the existing research and policy documents relating to the ageing workforce and assesses whether sufficient evidence-based advice exists for an ageing workforce in jobs with a high physical job demand.

This review examines the general area of the ageing workforce from the perspective of: 

  • the physiological and cognitive aspects of ageing; 
  • the consequences of ageing, and 
  • the promotion of active ageing within the workforce.

For each of these sections the relevant literature is reviewed and summarised.

This publication will be useful to all those involved in assessing the capabilities of workers, including physicians and HR personnel.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 736 5                                 1st edition                                    May 2015

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