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EI/DFA Research report: Compatibility of materials used in distribution handling systems with ethanol and gasoline/ethanol blends

This joint Energy Institute/Downstream Fuel Association research report provides the findings of a review undertaken by Intertek CAPCIS on the compatibility of materials found in fuel distribution systems (in particular fuel-wetted components at petroleum distribution terminals, on road tankers and at filling stations) with ethanol and ethanol/gasoline blends.


It provides an assessment of the suitability of certain materials for use with gasoline/ethanol blends (both liquid and vapour). The report also defines suitable acceptance criteria that are relevant for this application and a framework for assessing and potentially testing the suitability and compatibility of other materials.


This publication will be of interest to all operators within ethanol/gasoline supply chains, as well as component and equipment suppliers.


ISBN: 978 0 85293 678 8                               1st ed                           April 2014


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