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EI 1535 Minimum criteria to determine acceptability of additives for use in multi-product pipelines co-transporting jet fuel

This publication describes the minimum risk management information required from suppliers and shippers of additive-containing products in multi-product pipeline systems that co-transport jet fuel to demonstrate to pipeline operators and other interested parties that these products will not subsequently adversely affect jet fuel or have an adverse effect on pipeline operations.

This publication is intended for use internationally by pipeline operators, fuel suppliers and additive companies who are involved in fuel supply through multi-product pipelines where jet fuel is co-transported with other distillate fuels, gasoline grades and clean fuel components.

The key changes included in this third edition are:

  • A new procedure involving assessment of the impact on filter/water separator water removal performance of a candidate additive. This ‘water mapping screening’ provides a risk managed approach to assessing additive suitability by reference to known additive impact on EI 1581 Specification and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter/separators, 5th edition, filter/water separator performance.
  • As part of the management of change process, guidance for additional sampling on first use of the new additive in a pipeline system.

Several multi-product pipeline operators have previously made available in the public domain lists of additives that they have assessed and have found to be satisfactory in their pipeline operations (in most cases this will have involved reference to Multi-product pipelines: Minimum criteria to determine additive acceptability). A composite table of the former lists from pipeline operators has been prepared, updated and is now being maintained as an informative reference for all fuel suppliers/shippers and pipeline operators worldwide. Access the table here:

ISBN: 978 0 85293 943 7                      3rd edition                           Oct 2016

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