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EI 1598 Design, functional requirements and laboratory testing protocols for electronic sensors to monitor free water and/or particulate matter in aviation fuel

This publication primarily applies to electronic sensors that could be used on mobile into-plane fuelling equipment, in conjunction with filtration equipment. In addition to the design and functional requirements that apply to every sensor produced by a manufacturer, it also includes standardised laboratory testing protocols for the ‘first article testing’ of a make/model/version of a sensor. These cover performance verification in response to dirt and free water contamination challenges, testing of mechanical integrity in response to pressure and material compatibility.


This edition of EI 1598 supersedes the 'Draft Standard' published in 2007 and includes the following:

  • The typical operating/field parameters to which into-plane fuelling equipment may be exposed in service, and which an electronic sensor needs to be designed for, if it is to be successfully implemented downstream of mobile filtration.
  • The minimum design requirements agreed by into-plane fuelling companies as being necessary for sensors for this application.
  • Items that require discussion between manufacturers and users.
  • A standardised laboratory-based means of confirming via first article testing that the mechanical integrity of a model of electronic sensor is suitable for typical applications.
  • A standardised laboratory-based means of assessing via first article testing a sensor’s response to controlled trace levels of dirt, water and combined dirt/water contamination in a flowing system.
  • An agreed standard format for sensor manufacturers to provide the results of their performance verification testing to potential users.
  • It will be of interest to those involved in cleanliness monitoring and aviation fuel handling, including equipment manufacturers, fuel suppliers, into-plane fuelling companies and airlines. 

ISBN: 978 0 85293 622 1            2nd                                Feb 2012


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