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EI Research report: Offshore workers medical consultation study

This study was initiated by the EI Health Technical Committee to evaluate the statistics relating to the calls logged over a one-year period by onshore supporting 'topside' physicians. It is based on data from formal telephone consultations from offshore medics who call for further advice regarding the more serious conditions or injuries the offshore workforce presents to them during the course of their duties.

The study looked at 4 660 contact telephone communications between the offshore medical professional (medic) and the onshore (topside) consulting physician. The data were examined for association and trends using age, sex International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code, occupation, previous history, previous call, time offshore, outcome following consultation, and for those medevaced – post-medevac disposal.

This study shows the conditions that cause most concern to the offshore medic and the resulting outcomes. Training should be designed to include emphasis on those conditions that have been identified as ranking with high frequency, so that the knowledge and technical skill of the medic matches the likely challenges being posed by the offshore workforce and their health demographics.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 762 4                      1st edition                           Aug 2016

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