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Engaging contractors: Partnership approaches to improving safety in the power industry

This publication was developed in response to demand from operators and contractors within the UK power generation sector, recognising that the safe and effective engagement of contractor resources represents a substantial responsibility for everyone in the industry.

It focuses on the good practices that have been applied within the sector through shared experience and provides insight and details of specific strategies that have added value to industry practitioners. Commonly experienced key risk areas and how organisations have managed these risks most effectively are explored in this guidance. Legislation is not summarised or interpreted. However, the EI’s Managing contractors: A guide for the energy industry, produced in December 2006, addresses in detail many of the contractual elements that are summarised in this guidance. CDM Regulations are also currently under review across the industry, and for this reason the document has not concentrated specifically on this area as they may be subject to change.

This publication may be of particular interest to power generation companies and the contractors that provide services and resources within the power generation sector. However, it is likely that the contents may have application across other large scale contractor centric industries.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 694 8                                    1st ed                                              July 2014

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