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G9 Safe by Design workshop report: Marine transfer/access systems

This workshop report draws upon outputs from the first G9 Safe by Design workshop held in September 2014. The workshop explored a number of key topics associated with the transfer of personnel from a crew transfer vessel to a transition piece (including design of the transfer connector, new designs in access systems and boat landing design). 

In 2014, the Crown Estate asked the G9 to take over the running and delivery of their Safe by Design workshops. By bringing the Safe by Design workshops into the G9 work programme, the G9 aims to explore industry operations and technologies with a focus on Safe by Design principles. 

Each G9 workshop will examine the current design controls relating to a particular topic, discuss where current design has potentially failed, identify opportunities for improvement and then seek to demonstrate the potential risk reduction to be gained from these new ways of thinking. The findings from each workshop will also be made freely available in reports which can be downloaded from the G9 website. 

ISBN: 978 0 85293 744 0                               1st edition                                    Aug 2015

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