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Guidance on assessing and managing ageing plant at bulk liquid storage facilities

This publication acts as a signposting document, for operators, to existing relevant industry technical guidance for assessing and managing a range of ageing assets at onshore bulk liquid storage and distribution terminals. It acts as an accessible resource to assist operators in assessing and managing ageing assets throughout their life. This should enable the efficient targeting of inspection and maintenance resources in order to mitigate potentially costly and hazardous failures through appropriate consideration of the associated risks.

The document applies to civil, structural, mechanical and pipework assets at onshore terminals within the limits of a terminal boundary. This includes jetties and associated equipment, where present. Excluded are pipelines that extend beyond the site boundary, electrical, control and instrumentation (EC&I), electrical switchgear and buildings. All parts of this document are applicable to assets at all points in their operating life.

It is intended that this guidance is used by operators of onshore bulk liquid storage and distribution terminals, and those involved in managing inspection and maintenance programmes for equipment on these sites.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 928 4                      1st edition                           Sep 2016

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