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HM 4 Manual level measurement for hydrocarbon liquids

This publication details the equipment to be used for closed, restricted and open manual level measurement, and gives procedures for manual level measurement of petroleum liquids in fixed-roof tanks, floating-roof tanks and vessel’s cargo tanks, and for manually gauging the level of free water.

This second edition now provides additional guidance and recommendations for equipment and procedures for measurements made with portable electronic gauging devices (PEGDs) as well as on the principles and practice of manual gauging for the level of hydrocarbon liquids using traditional dip-tape/weight combinations, dip-rods and ullage-rods, and associated equipment.

This publication will be of interest to all those involved in crude oil and hydrocarbon products measurement and loss control, including cargo owners and independent inspection organisations.

ISBN:978 0 85293 747 1                         2nd edition                           Mar 2016

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