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A model syllabus for the training of technicians involved in the examination, testing, maintenance and repair of petroleum road tankers

The second edition of the syllabus is essential reading for all those involved in road tanker fleet operations, maintenance and repair workshops and those with responsibility for the training of road tanker technicians.
It has been developed to provide companies that undertake the maintenance of petroleum road tankers with a syllabus for training technicians and to satisfy road tanker operators that those responsible for the maintenance of road tanker service equipment have an understanding of the safety implications of the equipment. It promotes:

  • common standards for safe working;
  • common standards of competence by establishing a harmonised knowledge, skills and experience base;
  • an understanding of issues which are specific to petroleum road tankers.

The syllabus sets out the knowledge requirements for technicians involved in the testing, inspection, maintenance and repair of petroleum road tankers, together with recommendations for technician assessment and certification. Topics that should be covered in training courses are divided into two sections. Each section is sub-divided, with a summary of the required learning outcomes and recommended practical exercises or other aids.

This publication has been updated in response to the increased use of contractor facilities and personnel in place of petroleum company owned and operated facilities for maintenance and repair work. Key technical changes in the new edition include:

  • Additional model questions and answers for the written examination aspect of the technician training.
  • Principles of petroleum product loading and unloading included in the ‘tanker technician’ part of the syllabus.
  • Recognition and incorporation of the pertinent content in the revised editions of EI Design, construction and operation of workshops for petroleum road tanker maintenance, EI Code of practice for petroleum road tanker vapour collection systems and equipment used in unloading operations and EI Petroleum road tanker design and construction.
  • Identification of inspection requirements as either: statutory checks, good practice maintenance and repair, or as part of the UK participating oil companies Safe Loading Pass Scheme.

This second edition replaces the edition published in 2004. The syllabus refers to legislation applicable in the UK; however it can still be used for training technicians working outside the UK.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 623 8                         2nd edition                                        March 2012

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