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Guidance on risk assessment and conceptual design of tertiary containment systems for bulk storage of petroleum, petroleum products, or other fuels

UK and European legislation, regulatory policies and major incidents have heightened the focus on the need for effective containment systems at bulk storage facilities.

This new guidance aims to fill a knowledge gap surrounding the review of requirements for tertiary containment at individual sites, and the conceptual design for tertiary containment options. It is primarily for use by process safety specialists, environment risk assessment specialists, designers, operators and owners of installations holding bulk quantities of petroleum, petroleum products or other fuels.

The publication provides practical guidance to assist readers to meet the requirements of the Great Britain (GB) Control of major accident hazards (COMAH) competent authority (CA) ‘containment policy’ (Policy on containment of bulk hazardous liquids at COMAH establishments).

It also provides guidance on:

  • The completion of risk assessments to determine the need for tertiary containment
  • Criteria for design of tertiary containment measures


Whilst the focus of this document is on bulk storage facilities, the information provided here may also provide a useful reference to sites holding smaller quantities of such products, or to sites in related industry sectors storing other dangerous substances.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 652 8                        1st edition                             July 2013

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