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EI Research report: Laboratory testing of electronic bulk water detectors for aviation fuelling

This report documents bench-scale assessments (by Shell Global Solutions) and laboratory test rig evaluation (by Shell Global Solutions and SwRI) of simple, non-quantitative ‘go, no-go’ insertion-probe-type electronic bulk water detectors, to assess whether they could activate/alarm if exposed to excessive free water from the hydrant system supply (and therefore initiate a shutdown of the refuelling operation). This would provide an additional safeguard against bulk quantities of free water on a hydrant dispenser or cart.

The information contained in the report offers an alternative approach to fuel condition monitoring to that previously investigated by the EI that involved the quantification of particulate matter and/or free water. For further information on that approach see EI 1570 Handbook on electronic sensors for the detection of particulate matter and/or free water during aircraft refuelling and EI 1598 Design, functional requirements and laboratory testing protocols for electronic sensors to monitor free water and/or particulate matter in aviation fuel.

The information contained in this report will be used to develop a new EI specification for electronic bulk water detectors, enabling minimum requirements for future models to be communicated between manufacturers and users, and to provide a consistent approach to their laboratory test rig assessment.

ISBN: 978 0 85293 748 8                   1st edition                                    October 2015

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