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Special interest groups

The Energy Institute's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide EI members and other interested parties with a single online platform from which to find relevant reference documents, news and events on a range of energy-related topics. They also feature discussion forums to enable EI members and members of the public to communicate, debate, make enquiries and share their views. The topics for SIGs have been established through a survey among our members.

The SIGs are regularly reviewed to ensure that they provide authoritative and up-to-date information. Their success and usefulness will depend on members’ input, so please make a forum post or contact our Knowledge Services team, who maintain the sites, to submit any material of interest to fellow members or make any suggestions concerning the development of the SIGs. 

Please click on the links below to access the SIG of your choice. EI members should login first to be able to see the member-only documents available. 


United Kingdom Listings

Overseas Listings

Attached documents

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