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Energy Institute's response to Amber Rudd's reset statement

Released on 18/11/2015

Reflecting on this morning's speech by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Amber Rudd MP, Louise Kingham OBE FEI, Chief Executive of the Energy Institute (EI), said:

"In the 2015 Energy Barometer report, our survey of energy professionals published earlier this year, they called for greater policy continuity to encourage long-term investment.  Today’s address does provide a framework and direction of travel from Government, which must be welcomed, with particular focus on the UK’s large scale energy generation infrastructure and how to achieve greater affordability and sustainability within it.

"However, the Barometer also identified energy efficiency as having the greatest potential to reduce both costs for consumers and greenhouse gas emissions in the short-term.  This opportunity needs greater focus from Government, as does the need to maintain the supply of skilled workers into established and developing sectors.  Nuclear, CCS and unconventional oil and gas were cited in the Barometer as the areas of most acute shortage, but more importantly, all sectors bar North Sea oil and gas were expected to experience skills gaps by 2020.

"Developing a secure, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future requires a balanced, holistic approach across the whole energy supply and demand chain.  All aspects of the industry, including the skills of its people, need to be fully integrated into the policy process. There’s much still to be done to develop the efficient, resilient energy system needed to support the economy and society and the EI will continue to work to bring all stakeholders together in developing that system.”

Amber Rudd’s speech discusses future policy towards renewables and the UK’s position with regards to climate change. These topics will be covered at a double-bill EI event in central London on 15 December:

Launch of the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report
The IEA Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2015 assesses renewable trends in the electricity, transport and heat sectors, identifying drivers and challenges to deployment, and making projections through 2020. It also assesses the potential impacts of enhanced policy actions under an accelerated case for renewable power, which would put the world more firmly on a path to a more sustainable and secure energy system.

EI Energy Policy Debate: The UN Climate Change Conference COP21: where next for energy policy? 
This debate will discuss directions for future UK energy policy in light of the outcomes of the Paris meeting, with Prof Jim Skea CBE FEI, EI President, Erik Bonino, Chairman, Shell UK and a senior representative of the IEA on the panel. DECC has also been invited. The debate will be chaired by Mike Gibbons OBE FEI, Chairman, Elexon.

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