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Support for your Technician staff

Did you know that the EI can support your  technicians, by matching career expectations with professional level support and recognition?

The energy industry is employing as many technically skilled and talented young technicians as it can find. It’s a competitive market but once you have your technicians how do you ensure you make the most of them whilst meeting their expectations of the industry they’ve chosen to join?

Most companies will be aware of the EI as a professional membership body at the senior (graduate/postgraduate) level but did you know that we also support technicians? This group has traditional been served by apprenticeship and training schemes but recent research by the Royal Academy of Engineers has demonstrated that technicians looking to enter engineering roles after their training/apprenticeship are expecting career advancement and the same ongoing training and development typically expected by those at the more advanced professional level. The EI has a number of ways to support its technician members and to help company members in fulfilling their staff’s expectations of working in the energy industry. In particular, for technicians this includes:

- accreditation of their relevant in-house energy training programmes 

- access to professional recognition levels such as AMEI (for those working towards gaining professional qualifications), TMEI and EngTech (after a period of experience)

- ongoing CPD opportunities to help them maintain and develop their expertise further

- access to other energy professionals and senior industry figures via our local networks to help them reach their full potential.

The EI is working closely with the RAEng and the Engineering Council in identifying the employers of technicians of all types across the energy sector in order to provide the most useful levels of support that professional bodies can give to both employer and technician in raising standards and enhancing performance. If your organisation employs technicians and would like to be part of the EI’s pilot scheme to enhance their professionalism, skills and commitment to the industry then please contact