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Technical activities on Biofuels
The European Directive 2003/30/EC promotes the use of biofuels or other renewable fuels to replace part of the diesel and petrol sold in Member States. The UK Government’s response is the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) which came into force on 15 April 2008. This places an obligation on road fuel suppliers to ensure that a target percentage of their total road fuel sales are biofuels. The target percentage starts at 2.5% by volume in 2008/09 rising to 5% by volume in 2010/11. To achieve these targets biofuels may be made available in a number of forms, such as, pure or high concentration biofuels, or as biofuels blended in mineral oil derivatives in accordance with the appropriate existing European norms.

The EI has taken a leading role in researching the impacts that biofuels may have in the distribution chain, with the relevant EI Technical Committees overseeing the development of applicable guidance for: distribution and marketing operations, environmental analysis, assessing microbial growth etc. These guidance documents are available from the publication website.

 The microbiology committee have also developed a technical bulletin 'Microbiology growth in biodiesels and other fuels containing FAME' which is available to download for free in PDF format.

For information on EI work in this area email the Technical Department  e:

For further information on relevant biofuels Technical Publications


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