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Distribution and marketing

The oil industry provides petroleum products to meet the demands of consumers. Have you ever thought about what is involved in getting petrol or diesel from an oil refinery into the tank of your car? It is a real challenge to ensure that the various types of fuels, on which we all heavily depend, get to the right place at the right time.

When delivering fuels from refineries to customers it is necessary to take account of all appropriate requirements. Petroleum products can present a health, safety or environmental risk if they are not handled appropriately.

The technical issues involved in the supply of fuels to customers are covered by the EI’s Distribution and Marketing Committee (DMC). The DMC manages the distribution and marketing projects budget, and undertakes cost-effective scientific and technical work, covering the equipment used and procedures followed, in the following areas:

  • primary distribution from refineries to terminals, e.g. by pipeline, ship etc.
  • bulk product storage
  • terminal equipment and operations
  • product loading
  • transport of product by road
  • transport of product by rail
  • delivery procedures
  • petroleum retail at filling stations
  • vapour collection and recovery.

In addition to these activities, the DMC also provides technical input to government departments (e.g. Department for Transport, Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive) and other organisations on issues affecting distribution and marketing activities. The main output is in the form of technical publications which provide guidance to assist the industry in the promotion of good operating practices and the standardisation of equipment.

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