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Model overfill investigation report - Road tanker loading

The Distribution & Marketing Committee has produced a Model Overfill Investigation Report for use by a Terminal Operator in the event that a product overfill occurs during the loading of a road tanker. The Model Overfill Investigation Report is intended to be used with the operator of the road tanker, to assist the tanker operator meet the requirements of the Safe Loading Pass Scheme operated by the Major Oil Companies.

The Distribution & Marketing Committee would welcome a copy of any completed reports, should this be agreeable to the parties concerned, to assist in the evaluation of the efficiency and safety of equipment and procedures during the loading of road tankers at terminals.

If you would like to provide any information please send it to either or by post to the Technical Manager - Distribution, Energy Institute, 61 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7AR.

Click here to download a MS Word version of Model Overfill Investigation Report - Road Tanker Loading