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We have all grown accustomed to the benefits brought about by accessing and using energy sources. From the generation of power to light out homes and run our businesses to the supply of fuel to meet our transportation needs. However, through the exploitation of raw materials, production/generation and consumption of these energy sources there is potential to have an adverse impact on the environment in which we all live.

The Energy Institute’s Environmental Management Group (EMG), supported by topical subcommittees and working groups, is responsible for commissioning and overseeing a work programme designed to address environmental issues pertinent to the industry.

The work may take the form of research projects or the production of technical guidance. Both are aimed at improving the understanding of technical issues and providing an evidence base on which industry and regulators alike may base their environmental policies.

Much of the EMG work programme is carried out in partnership with other relevant and interested organisations, in particular the Environment Agency (EA), as well as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), and the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Recently completed projects

This video aims to raise awareness of hazards to the environment in reference to prevention of spills. This has been produced by the EI's Upstream Environmental Group for use on offshore and onshore sites as a free resource to incorporate in safety briefings.

Environmental Liabilities
In 2009, the requirements of the Environmental Liabilities Directive were implemented across the UK. The EI published its introductory guide to Environmental Damage (named after the national regulations) in autumn 2009. A full technical guide is now in preparation.

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