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Environmental risk assessment of bulk liquid storage facilities: A screening tool

The bulk liquid storage screening tool has been developed under the direction of the Energy Institute’s Soil Waste Groundwater Group to assess the likely risk to the environment of an unplanned release of liquids from above ground bulk storage tanks. The tool supports the requirements of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) legislation. It is applicable to sites across Europe and accommodates liquids including hydrocarbon products. It can be used to inform the best available techniques judgement allowed under the IPPC regulations. The screening also includes an assessment of tertiary containment, consistent with UK COMAH requirements.

The tool can be used to:

  • Support legislative requirements
  • Inform cost benefit judgments
  • Indicate how risks can be made acceptable
  • Demonstrate good practice
  • Point towards areas where more site specific information would enable risk reduction benefits
  • Support continuous improvement

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a screening tool and does not provide a quantitative risk assessment or the answer for detailed design.

Users are strongly advised to read the accompanying user-guide before undertaking an assessment.

To access Installation instructions please open the attached files:

To access the set-up flies please click here.

The Energy Institute would welcome feedback on operational experience of using the tool. Feedback and/or queries should be directed to Beate Hildenbrand e:

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